Nashua, N.H., April 23, 2007 — SyAM Software is announcing today that their System Area Manager software qualifies for Connecticut Energy Efficient Fund (CEEF) incentives. As a result, businesses and school districts receive up to 50 percent funding assistance when implementing SyAM Software to reduce their Desktop PC energy costs. Proposed projects are simply submitted for approval by the respective Connecticut utility company, and if they meet required energy saving criteria, then they qualify for the incentive.

Since most people leave their computer on overnight, businesses and school districts are paying substantial amounts of their budgets on wasted electricity, even at non-peak rates. These needless costs accrue not only from the computers but also through building cooling costs. SyAM Software´s System Area Manager enables IT Administrators to create power policies and enforce them without any end user intervention. It gives administrators the ability to schedule specific managed systems to remotely power on or off at user specified times, seven days a week. All settings can be made across a large network within a couple of hours, saving power and the associated costs.

Through energy savings just from the PCs, the $39 cost of the application is quickly returned within 6 months with substantial energy cost reductions continuing thereafter.

"SyAM Software enables our customers to pro-actively manage their IT assets from any remote location using a web browser. The power management capabilities allow administrators to save money and helps the utility companies recover previously wasted energy." says Michael Mazzariello, Director of Business Development — Alliances at Integrated Financial Systems. "Using SyAM Software´s solutions, we´ve been able to provide easy to implement solutions that quickly achieve substantial and tangible results for our customers. In this era of shrinking IT budgets and increasing management expectations, a clear and substantial return on investment helps all involved parties benefit."

Robert Giesen, Business Manager for Region 12 School District, Connecticut had the following to say:
"Our school district would rely on the employees to manually shut down every computer system at night and then power them on again each morning in order to save money and energy. However, this was not efficient and inevitably many systems were forgotten and left on, at times machines were left on even over weeklong school breaks. We needed something with the ability to power systems off but without any user intervention. SyAM Software´s System Area Manager and power management utility did that and more. It helps us save energy while allowing us to configure exactly when we want systems to be powered off at night, seven days a week. So even on weekends or weeklong school breaks we don´t need to worry about wasting our district energy budget. With the ever increasing electrical energy costs the savings have allowed us to maintain our technology budget for the students of our district. If you need to look at creative ways to maintain your annual budget for technology, it´s is a win/win achieving the savings year after year."

About SyAM Software:
SyAM Software is a developer of Systems Area Management tools for Notebooks, Desktops, and Servers. All products are easy to deploy, learn, and use and can be downloaded from the company web site free of charge ( System Client products can be used free of charge indefinitely. However, to unlock the real power of the products, users should purchase System Area Manager licenses. Enterprise-class businesses benefit from these solutions with increased levels of visibility and manageability of their IT assets, in addition to power savings. SMB-class businesses (especially those short on IT staff) benefit from a comprehensive, easy to use solution that empowers administrators to reduce costs, manage more systems with fewer resources, and increase uptime and overall productivity. Major business benefits include reduced energy costs, simplified and automated asset tracking, remote monitoring and resolution, reduced complexity and reduced total cost of ownership.

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