July 16, 2007 — Berkeley, Calif. — CORE (Consortium on Reading Excellence) is pleased to announce the publication of the Second Edition of their best-selling resource for teaching reading and language arts, the Teaching Reading Sourcebook, by authors Bill Honig, Linda Diamond, and Linda Gutlohn. The updated and revised issue will be available in the fall of this year.

In 2006, out of 226 books reviewed by the National Council on Teacher Quality, the First Edition of CORE´s Teaching Reading Sourcebook was one of only four publications literary experts identified as acceptable as a general textbook for a reading course. Now, the expanded Second Edition, based on the highly acclaimed original, has been totally revised and updated according to the latest scientifically based reading research.

According to Linda Diamond, Chief Executive Officer of CORE, "With the updated research, the new section on fluency and the updated vocabulary content, and new sample lesson models, including those already familiar to our readers, this Sourcebook will continue to be an important teaching tool for many years."

In addition to the updated information, the new section on Reading Fluency, and a completely revised Vocabulary section, there is a greatly expanded chapter on Letter Knowledge, along with a more comprehensive chapter on Multisyllabic Word Reading. The graphic, magazine-like format also makes the Sourcebook inviting to read. The quick summaries of scientifically based research literature are designed to communicate the important points without having the reader wade through pages of background. This new edition, like the first edition, provides the best features of an academic text and a practical hands-on guide. The Sourcebook is devised to be thorough and functional, and perfect for teaching-reading professionals.

The authors and contributing authors are highly respected in the field, each contributing their expertise in the area of reading. Some who are university professors who have used the Sourcebook as a textbook. Linda Gutlohn, the Sourcebook´s editorial director, commented, "Due to involvement and breadth of experience of all the authors, this new edition of the Sourcebook promises to be a truly great, general reference for all educators in the field."

The Second Edition of the Teaching Reading Sourcebook addresses the needs of educators who want to apply the newest research findings to their classroom teaching. The sample lesson models with suggestions for corrective feedback, along with the familiar What? Why? When? and How? organizational format, make the Second Edition of the Teaching Reading Sourcebook an ideal resource for teachers of both beginning and older struggling readers.

The First Edition of the Teaching Reading Sourcebook has sold over 100,000 copies across the U.S. This fall, the updated and revised Second Edition is likely to duplicate the success of the original.

About CORE

CORE was founded in 1995 by Bill Honig, President, and former California State Superintendent of Public Instruction. CORE serves as an advisor to K-12 schools, school districts, and states on the implementation of literacy instruction validated by scientifically based reading research. Through technical advice, professional development, and on-site implementation support, the company builds the capacity of its clients to achieve sustained literacy achievement. For more information about CORE, please contact Linda Diamond at 888.249.6155 ext 101 or visit: www.corelearn.com.

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