Boston, Mass., Jul 17, 2007 — BbWorld ´07, Blackboard Annual Users
Conference —
Blackboard Inc. (NASDAQ: BBBB), a leading provider of
educational enterprise software and services, announced today that the
full capabilities of the Blackboard Academic Suite(tm) are now available
to clients who use the Blackboard Learning System – CE Enterprise
License(tm) (formerly WebCT Campus Edition(tm)) and Blackboard Learning
System – Vista Enterprise License(tm) (formerly WebCT Vista(tm)). These
product offerings provide powerful capabilities that enable institutions
to develop collaborative communities, on- and off-campus, manage
learning content and assess learning outcomes.

These capabilities are available to academic institutions using the
Blackboard Learning System – CE 4, CE 6 and Vista 4 Enterprise Licenses.

Blackboard merged with WebCT in February 2006 and announced plans at
last year´s users conference, BbWorld ´06, to continue to innovate and
support WebCT´s e-Learning solutions. Today´s announcement signifies
Blackboard´s ongoing commitment to its entire community.

"We continually hear from institutions that their course management
system is vital to teaching and learning on campus," said Catherine
Burdt, Sr. Analyst with Eduventures, Inc. "As institutions embrace new
program types and new ways of delivering their academic programs, the
ability to provide additional functionality for delivering content,
building communities and assessing learning outcomes is imperative."

"The availability of the full suite of Blackboard e-Learning solutions
for our entire global community marks an exciting and significant
milestone," said Michael Chasen, president and CEO of Blackboard. "These
extended capabilities enable all members of the Blackboard community to
provide richer and more engaging educational experiences. We are
privileged to play a role in this important process."

The following Blackboard solutions will enable extended learning

The Blackboard Community System(tm) enables campuses to create online
communities for students and faculty. These communities enhance
information flow, improve student engagement and retention through
increased interactions and foster connections between students.

The Blackboard Content System(tm) enables increased collaboration and
efficiency in teaching and learning, by providing access to educational
content — anytime, anywhere. This application makes it easier to
identify relevant learning resources, share key documents with others
and showcase accomplishments.

The Blackboard Outcomes System(tm) provides institutions greater
visibility around effectiveness and the tools and insight to guide
measurable improvement. The platform reduces the time and cost of
assessment by structuring, tracking and reporting on assessment
processes like accreditation and strategic planning. Academic and
administrative outcomes can be measured more easily using a
comprehensive set of instruments.

For more information about these extended e-Learning capabilities, and
products please visit

About Blackboard Inc.

Blackboard Inc. (NASDAQ: BBBB) is a leading provider of enterprise
software applications and related services to the education industry.
Founded in 1997, Blackboard enables educational innovations everywhere
by connecting people and technology. Millions of people use Blackboard
everyday at academic institutions around the globe, including colleges,
universities, K-12 schools and other education providers, as well as
textbook publishers and student-focused merchants that serve education
providers and their students. Blackboard is headquartered in Washington,
D.C., with offices in North America, Europe, Australia and Asia.

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