July 17, 2007 — The National Council on Economic Education (NCEE), partnering with The Goldman Sachs Foundation, today announced the first-of-its-kind Institute on Capital Formation, an intensive, professional development program for top-tier New York high school teachers of economics. The five-day, intensive program is designed to provide instructors a deepened understanding of capital formation for the enrichment of the classroom experiences of their students. The Institute on Capital Formation will be offered at the Midtown Executive and Chemist´s Club, New York, NY, July 23rd through 27th.

"Sound decisions regarding the selection and use of financial instruments take place within a complex set of global interrelationships," said Dr. Robert Duvall, President and CEO of the NCEE. "It is this vital content area that is so often missing in high school economics classrooms, because the teachers are not sufficiently prepared to convey it," he emphasized. "the Institute on Capital Formation will offer an in-depth curriculum with insights from today´s leading business and financial leaders, and as a result, participating teachers will be more fully equipped to show students how to use economics to make real world decisions and enhance their overall potential for achievement. This is the heart of economic thinking, and the study of capital formation is a profoundly important part of the study of economics itself."

Teachers attending the Institute on Capital Formation will:
* Deepen their understanding of capital formation and global markets.
* Connect the importance of capital formation to teaching Economics, Personal Finance and Entrepreneurship.
* Learn how integrating capital formation into economics teaching will engage and motivate students.
* Meet economic thought leaders and opinion shapers and discover educational resources available to teachers and students.

The Institute´s five-day, in-person seminar is just the first step in the NCEE´s uniquely broad-ranging initiative. Through the generosity of the Goldman Sachs Foundation, the NCEE will use web-based technologies incorporating the instructional materials and the video recordings from the Institute to extend its benefits to countless others via an online professional development program that are both flexible and affordable.

The NCEE (www.ncee.net) is a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to improving economic, financial, and entrepreneurship literacy. Both directly and through its unique nationwide network of State Councils and more than 200 university-based Centers for Economic Education, NCEE´s programs reach over 150,000 K-12 teachers and more than 15 million students each year.

The Goldman Sachs Foundation is a global philanthropic organization funded by The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. The Foundation´s mission is to promote excellence and innovation in education and to improve the academic performance and lifelong productivity of young people worldwide. It achieves this mission through a combination of strategic partnerships, grants, loans, private sector investments, and the deployment of professional talent from Goldman Sachs. Funded in 1999, the Foundation has awarded grants in excess of $94 million since its inception, providing opportunities for young people in more than 20 countries.

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