Orlando, Fla. — Florida Virtual School (FLVS) announced the launch of the Florida Virtual Global School, an open enrollment virtual education program that combines a collaborative learning community with high quality instruction designed to meet the educational needs of students, districts, states, and other countries. The core objective of the Global School is to provide students with an engaging teacher-facilitated learning experience, preparing them for post-secondary education or transition to the workplace.

"Education is evolving. The one-to-many approach to teaching that traditional schools offer no longer meets the needs of the 21st century learner," said FLVS Vice President Todd Hitchcock. "Florida Virtual Global School will engage students anytime, any place, creating a more dynamic learning experience that mirrors today´s global economy. Certified, highly-qualified teachers will support student learning and provide access to a cross-section of experts who will supplement course work and address multiple learning styles and individual student needs."

The Global School will closely replicate FLVS´ award winning performance-based learning program that has delivered over 230,000 half-credit courses to students in Florida over the past ten years. Students outside the state of Florida will have access to over 80 online courses, including Advanced Placement and honors courses. They will also have the opportunity to collaborate with peers from other states, regions, or countries through a number of social networking opportunities and extracurricular programs such as student clubs, virtual field trips, and online forums.

FLVS has appointed Elaine McCall, a life-long educator, to be the Principal of the Global School. In this role, she will focus on maintaining the quality of instruction and ensuring that a student´s overall educational experience will provide them the opportunity to build requisite skills to succeed in the 21st century. Ms. McCall is committed to excellence in education and has over 27 years of experience as a teacher and educational leader both at FLVS and as a district level curriculum supervisor at Alachua County School District.

"Our singular focus is to meet the needs of students. Not only will Florida Virtual Global School provide all students around the globe with more learning options, but it will help students broaden their 21st Century skills and knowledge," said Florida Virtual Global School Principal Elaine McCall.

A complete course listing and information about registering for a course via the Florida Virtual Global School can be found at www.flvsgs.net.

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Florida Virtual School (www.flvs.net) is a nationally recognized e-Learning model for developing and providing virtual K-12 education solutions to students throughout the country. Founded in 1997 as a pilot project, FLVS began course development with limited enrollment, pioneering Florida´s first Internet-based, public high school?complete with online middle and high school curriculum. Today, FLVS serves schools across the nation, offering virtual education solutions for grades 6 to 12, as well as for adults seeking GED alternatives.

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