New York — Channel One, the preeminent news and public affairs content provider for teens, reaching approximately seven million students in middle schools and high schools across the country, announced today that it has selected EdGate Correlation Services, LLC to correlate its educational content offering to national and state-level teaching standards. This functionality allows educators to see how the issues and topics explored on Channel One News align with a school´s requisite course curriculum and teaching mandates, and makes it easier to integrate the content into the learning environment.

As the industry leader in educational content mapping services, EdGate Correlation Services combines the extensive knowledge and experience of highly qualified content experts and powerful, precise technical solutions to offer alignment services to publishers around the world.

Judy L. Harris, CEO of Channel One said, "America´s educational system places emphasis on civics education, yet teaching world news and current events requires a springboard more current than last year´s school-issued textbook. Many teachers lean on Channel One as an up-to-date instructional tool that can supplement or be integrated into planned course curriculum.

"Now with the value-add of EdGate, educators can map Channel One´s content offering direct to national and state standards to ensure that class time is being used on instructional materials that are relevant to coursework and inline with broader educational mandates."

Sandra Schugren, General Manager of EdGate Correlation Services added, "We view our capabilities as a logical and powerful add-on to the robust Channel One content platform. Schools can now see what standards the news and public affairs program met that day, and plan or adjust curriculum accordingly. The pairing is indicative of a shared commitment between EdGate and Channel One to continually seek out ways to enhance teaching and learning."

Content broadcast on the Channel One News platform will be aligned to national and state education standards beginning in the Fall of 2007.

Broadcasting since 1990, Peabody and Webby Award-winning Channel One News is the leading source of news and information for young people. The 12-minute news broadcasts are delivered daily. Channel One News and its award-winning Web site,, feature stories on breaking news and relevant issues that affect the world, the nation and, specifically, America´s teenagers.

About Channel One

Peabody and Webby Award-winning Channel One, an Alloy Media + Marketing Company (NASDAQ: ALOY), is the preeminent news and public affairs content provider reaching approximately seven million teens in middle schools and high schools across the country, nearly 30% of teenagers in the U.S. In recent months, Channel One News has covered fast-breaking world events from regions such as Iraq, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Jordan, Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, Myanmar, and Qatar. Channel One News programming has been featured on leading networks and news programs, including CNN, ABC News, the WB, Nightline, and The Today Show. Visit the Webby Award-winning website to learn more.

About EdGate

EdGate Correlation Services, LLC is based in Gig Harbor, Washington. Founded in 1997, this company developed powerful technology to align content to educational standards both in the United States and internationally. Currently a staff of 30 professional educators and subject experts maintain the ECS Repository? of one million educational standards and correlate material from publishers and content providers such as Apex Learning, Films Media Group, Encyclopedia Britannica, National Geographic and the Library of Congress. EdGate Correlation Services is a division of San-Diego based EDmin which provides comprehensive K-12 learning management systems.

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