Hampshire, Ill., July 23, 2007 — When building a new facility for Hampshire High School´s 2,500 students, administrators chose to build Green in order to:

? Create high performance classrooms that optimize students´ learning environment, increase faculty retention and actually improve student test scores
? Reduce energy consumption, benefiting the school, community and environment

It was determined that the best option with which to achieve these goals was Trane´s ice storage system. The engineering firm for the project, Metro Design Associates, performed a system life cycle cost analysis that showed that over the life of the system, the district will realize over $1,000,000 of cost savings. That number is based on current energy rates. If energy rates rise, so would the savings. At the current rate, the investment in the ice storage system is predicted to be returned in under three years.

The heart of the ice storage system is a dual-temperature Trane chiller. The chiller operates in standard cooling mode during the day and in ice-making mode at night. The ice is stored in tanks and is used to provide cooling to the building the next day during on-peak hours. This solution actually improves the reliability of the power grid by shifting peak cooling loads to off-peak hours. Off-peak electricity is less expensive than on-peak, and because the most efficient power plants are running during the off-peak hours, there are substantial environmental benefits as well.

In addition to energy conservation, indoor air quality was a high priority when choosing the school´s heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system. Energy recovery modules (part of Trane´s M-series climate changers) will keep energy consumption low, while allowing better indoor air quality with high ventilation rates, improving the school´s environment for students, faculty and staff.

The job is scheduled to be complete by August 2008.

Trane has provided HVAC systems and solutions to education customers for more than 50 years — enhancing their indoor and outdoor environments through improved indoor air quality, humidity control, acoustics and energy efficiency performance. Trane has supplied more HVAC products, systems and services to schools than any other manufacturer.

Trane has been serving customers in Illinois for 60 years, with one sales office, four AfterMarket Supply parts centers and one service center. Trane Chicago has 153 associates serving the needs of education, healthcare, government, manufacturing, lodging and retail, and other businesses in Illinois.

Trane, the air conditioning systems and services business of American Standard Companies, is a leading global provider of indoor comfort systems and comprehensive facility solutions. Its offerings include energy efficient heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems, service and parts support, advanced building controls and financing solutions. Each Trane system is designed to meet the specific needs of customers who want heating, cooling, dehumidifying and air cleaning systems for residential, commercial, institutional and industrial applications. In 2006, Trane contributed $6.8 billion to American Standard´s total sales of $11.2 billion. For more information, visit the Trane Web site at www.trane.com .

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