Seattle, Wash. — July 25, 2007 — Apex Learning®, a pioneer and recognized leader in online learning solutions for K-12 education, today announced that all 14 of its Advanced Placement® courses were authorized by the College Board to use the AP® designation. Apex Learning´s AP courses were reviewed by experienced college and university faculty who validated the curriculum as providing academic rigor and college-level experience to high school students, consistent with the Advanced Placement Program´s mission.

The College Board implemented the AP Course Audit this year — the first in the program´s 53-year history — to ensure that high school AP courses meet or exceed the expectations colleges and universities have, and in response to concerns by college admissions officials regarding the academic rigor of the increasing number of AP courses listed on students´ applications. In the past decade, the number of AP students nationwide has more than doubled, growing from about 582,000 to 1.3 million, according to the College Board.

Despite the program´s growth, nearly 40 percent of high schools still do not have an AP program, preventing access for hundreds of thousands of students around the country. That number is steadily decreasing, however, due to the opportunity afforded by online AP courses and distance learning.

"Online AP courses and distance learning help ensure students have uniform academic opportunities regardless of zip code," said Cheryl Vedoe, CEO of Apex Learning. "The College Board´s authorization of online AP courses such as ours is extremely significant for students who might not otherwise have an opportunity to take the college-level classes."

For states such as Iowa with large numbers of students in rural areas, distance learning can meet a critical need. "Distance learning courses have allowed Iowa to cultivate AP programs," said Clar Baldus, Ph.D., Belin-Blank Center Administrator for Rural Schools. "Today, many rural schools in Iowa use Apex Learning´s online AP courses with instruction provided by certified Apex Learning online teachers."

In addition to enabling distance learning opportunities, schools looking to establish or expand existing AP programs can also use Apex Learning´s authorized online courses with their own teachers in their classrooms.

According to the College Board, 35 courses and exams in 20 subject areas are offered. Of those, Apex Learning offers 14 online AP and distance learning courses.

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Apex Learning is the leading publisher of digital curriculum for secondary education. The company´s standards-based online instructional materials in math, science, English, social studies, world languages, and Advanced Placement are successfully used for credit recovery, remediation, alternative schools, distance learning, and test preparation. Since the company´s inception in 1997, Apex Learning has served more than one million student enrollments from over 4,000 school districts. Apex Learning is headquartered in Seattle, WA and is accredited by the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools.

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