With the release of NetSupport School 9 fromNetSupport, teachers can now lead a computer-based class with tightercontrol over what appears on student screens and over how much contentgets sent to school printers. Building on 12 years as the leadingclassroom instruction and monitoring solution, NetSupport School 9includes features that reduce operational costs, improve studentmonitoring and provide even greater security for both the students andtheir data (www.netsupportschool.com).

"NetSupport School becomes the first classroom management software thatlets teachers control printing costs on a class by class basis," saysMarcus Kingsley, Group Sales & Marketing Director of NetSupport."Likewise, it’s the first to include real-time monitoring of keyboardand instant messenger use. Teachers now can make sure students are notonly using a certain application but also are on track with theirassigned task in that application – rather than exchanging answers withother students through instant messages."

Enhanced security features in NetSupport School 9 include teachers nowhaving the ability to prevent students from accessing or copying datato or from USB data devices or CD/DVD devices. With the extension ofNetSupport School’s previous URL monitoring to the teacher’s monitor,teachers now cannot accidentally visit an inappropriate website whiletheir screen is visible to the class. Version 9 also gives teachers theability to impose Safe Search settings, regardless of settings onindividual computers, as well as to enable or disable audio output forthe entire class.

Along with an easier-to-use test design interface, support for WindowsVista and a new student locater service for dispersed wired or wirelessnetworks, all teachers using NetSupport School now have free access toan online resource exchange where teachers can share curriculumcontent, questions and exams.(http://www.netsupportschool.com/newfeatures.asp)

In 2006, NetSupport School received the Technology & LearningLegacy Award for Excellence, recognizing best-of-breed productsdemonstrating clear superiority over similar products in the market,and in 2007 received a BESSIE award for Best Educational Software fromComputED.

A free 40-user 30-day evaluation copy of NetSupport School 9 is available for download from www.netsupportschool.com.

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