Thar’s gold in them thar conference reports! A fresh mother lode of exciting ed-tech resources from eSchool News beckons this month, both in print and online. Drawing on the National Educational Computing Conference (NECC) in Atlanta a few weeks back (see Page 1 of this issue, for example), we’ve got tons of practical information to share with you about the latest technology products and ideas for educators, students, and their institutions.

On the screen–To start off, don’t miss our comprehensive video coverage of NECC, which was hosted by the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE). You’ll find it online at the eSN Conference Information Center (CIC). Just click the “NECC 2007” link on our home page (, or go directly to the info center ( Here’s some of what you’ll find:

  • “NECC 2007 highlights”: Sights and sounds from this year’s National Educational Computing Conference in Atlanta.
  • “Virtual worlds … Real instruction”: How virtual environments make compelling instructional tools.
  • “Redefining intelligence”: Futurist Andrew Zolli on key trends that will shape education in the coming years.
  • “Warning signs”: Don Knezek (right), ISTE’s chief executive, responds to concerns about ed-tech’s efficacy.

Our own special correspondents–Nearly two dozen reports summarizing the wisdom imparted during individual NECC sessions have been posted to eSN Online through our Conference Correspondents program. Several educators who attended NECC and volunteered for this special assignment submitted material gleaned from a wide range of sessions in Atlanta. Some of these reports can be found in this print edition of eSchool News (see Page 27). For the entire compilation, go to, where you’ll find reports on topics such as these:

  • Building an educational portal
  • Is your web site accessible?
  • Electronic literacy
  • iWeb: Share blogs, podcasts, photos, and movies fast!
  • Can technology make us wise?
  • Classroom and libraries of the net generation
  • Creating engaging professional learning using interactive whiteboards
  • Avatars, virtual communities, and future learning models

Products and more products–What do you get when you bring together more than 13,000 educators with representatives from several hundred ed-tech companies, as NECC did recently at Atlanta’s huge Georgia World Congress Center? Well, in addition to an enormously engaging collection of the ed-tech world’s most informed people, you get a welcome eyeful–and earful–of the newest, the best, and the most interesting products that today’s technology companies are providing to schools. There are two key places where you can find a rundown on many of those companies and what they were talking up in Atlanta. One place is the issue of eSchool News that you’re reading now (see Pages 28 and 29). For more detailed coverage, however, see our alphabetized online summary here: More news from selected NECC exhibitors–listed alphabetically.

And while you’re at it, check out these items in our Educator’s Resource Center:

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