Puyallup, Wash. — For years, Qwizdom has provided educators around the world with interactive assessment tools that quickly and effectively gauge student progress, enabling data-driven instruction. Whereas educators currently share the real-time feedback and data they glean through Qwizdom over e-mail, the Seattle-area education company recently expanded its product portfolio to enable teachers and administrators to do so online.

"We are, first and foremost, an education company," said Darin Beamish, president and CEO of Qwizdom, Inc. "Recognizing the need for educators to have broad access to our rich assessment data, we expanded our classroom reporting functions to include school- and district-wide capabilities, as well. The result is Qwizdom Online Interactive."

Qwizdom Online Interactive (QOI) provides educators with remarkably in-depth assessment capabilities. Detailed reports help identify academic strengths and weaknesses by district, school, classroom, student, subject, demographic groups, and even specific standards in single activity and comparison reports. The district-wide system makes it easier than ever to measure performance, compare data, and identify potential problem areas — in real time — enabling educators to identify the schools, demographic groups, classes and students who need remediation and supplemental resources, especially in advance of high-stakes tests.

QOI is one of two new products Qwizdom is developing in response to its growing customer base. The Q2 remote, an interactive learning system device, provides the same high-quality technology as Qwizdom´s more sophisticated remotes (the Q4 and Q5) in a smaller and more affordable package. In addition to facilitating standards-based radio frequency communication, the Q2 uses a three-row custom eInk display that supports display of three-digit numbers, right/wrong feedback, and low battery and ´mode´ indicators. It also allows numerous question types, including multiple choice, numeric, yes/no, true/false, and rating-scale.

Long recognized for its superior technology, Qwizdom has emerged as a total classroom solution provider, delivering sophisticated technology, state-standards-aligned curriculum developed in-house by certified teachers, and comprehensive reporting capabilities to give educators an accurate snapshot of student performance.

"We´re not a technology company that caters to education," said Beamish. "Rather, we´re an education company that uses technology as a tool to maximize student learning and success. We were founded 23 years ago by a teacher and have never forgotten our roots."

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