AUSTIN, TEXAS — August 2, 2007 — Trillion today announced continued success as it migrates more K-12 districts to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephony services. The Trillion VoIP service has consistently enjoyed Priority One ERate funding and is revolutionizing telephony in the classroom. With Trillion?s VoIP service, districts are putting a phone in every classroom enhancing communication and safety for faculty and students; utilizing applications such as unified messaging and digital directory; and providing consistent telephony services across all sites, regardless of their size or location.

Districts no longer need to be concerned about the complexity of VoIP installations or purchasing new tools/training to support a converged environment. Trillion?s team of VoIP experts handle everything from network assessment and implementation to the ongoing monitoring and management of the service. With the Trillion service, districts take advantage of the advanced features and functionality of VoIP without the headaches of ongoing operations.

?We deliver a smooth implementation and superb ongoing ownership experience,? said Bear Poth, Chief Executive Officer for Trillion. ?Many times school districts want to transition telephony services for financial, communication and safety reasons but lack local expertise to install and manage VoIP. Our team has the expertise to plan, implement and manage our customer?s telephony service–freeing their staff to focus on other key education initiatives.?

Many Trillion customers are taking advantage of Trillion?s VoIP services. Marana, a 17 site school district in Arizona and SIATech, a nationwide public charter high school with 17 schools across 5 states, have both implemented Trillion?s VoIP service and realized significant benefits.

?The migration process was very easy with Trillion,? said Dan Hunt, IT Director of Marana Unified School District. ?When we first thought about switching over, we were concerned about the quality of voice and video on our network. Through the implementation Trillion has put our concerns to rest. Their experts and software tools prioritize voice and video on our network making our new VOIP telephony and videoconferencing experience superb, not to mention the annual telephony savings to our district of approximately $75,000.?

?It?s a match made in heaven,? said David Davis, Network Operations Manager for SIATech. ?It?s the perfect union of two technologies, VoIP and Trillion?s high-speed broadband network. And with Trillion managing our network and voice, it is always optimized, allowing us to provide a best-in-class service that delivers seamless voice and video and world class connectivity to all our locations across the nation.?

Trillion?s Voice Over Network Service (VoIP)

Districts are taking advantage of powerful features of VoIP such as:

? Unified messaging, which enables faculty and staff to receive voicemails in their mailbox and save or forward those messages to others.
? Personal Call Manager, which enables users to control their phone with their computer–accessing directory services, call history information, and more.
? With ?Any phone,? teachers can ?log on? to any phone and assign their extension to it. It?s an excellent feature for faculty who move between buildings.
? The ?follow me? ?find me? features enable users to forward their phone to another phone, such as their cell phone.
? 911 notification instantly notifies key personnel via phone and/or email when someone dials 911.
? Global call control enables control of when phones ring in the classroom.

Trillion?s service is based on the award winning VoIP solution from their strategic partner, ShoreTel, Inc. For the fourth year in a row, ShoreTel has received the highest ratings from VoIP end users for quality, reliability and end user satisfaction ? beating Cisco, Avaya and Nortel hands down. The survey is conducted each year by Nemertes, an independent research firm that surveys customers who have deployed VoIP. ShoreTel also won Internet Telephony?s 2006 Product of the Year and Best in VoiceCon 2007.

For more information about Trillion?s VoIP service, visit or call (512) 334-4100.

About Trillion: Trillion, headquartered in Austin, Texas, is the leading provider of broadband network services and VoIP telephony services for education. Trillion specializes in delivering WAN services, including design, installation, and WAN management using state-of-the-art licensed wireless and fiber technologies. Trillion´s VoIP telephony services enable districts to take advantage of both the advanced features enabled by VoIP. Trillion?s WAN and VoIP services have consistently received Priority One ERate funding. The company has become the largest national service provider of wireless and fiber WAN services for K-12 school districts in the country, providing services to over 1,500 schools coast to coast. Trillion is a privately held company. Investors in Trillion include Hexagon Investments, the Intel Communications Fund and Meritage Private Equity Funds. For more information, visit or call (512) 334-4100.

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