Planning Software has released Principal´s Pal and Classlist Creator for Mac OS and Windows — software that does two tasks facing elementary school principals every year, scheduling "special" classes (e.g., art, music, PE, etc.) and forming class lists of students for the classrooms in their school.

Principal´s Pal makes your job of scheduling "special" classes an easy, time-saving routine. You input the parameters for your schedule — maximum size of special classes, preferred blocks of time when the specials can be scheduled, blocks of time when nothing should be scheduled, amount of recess time, times of availability of special teachers, common planning times for teachers, lunch scheduling, scheduling more than one class for a special at the same time, etc. Principal´s Pal forms a complete, conflict-free schedule fitting your parameters, if such a schedule can be made.

Classlist Creator provides you an easy, time-saving way to form class lists that are fair for all teachers, with equitable distribution of students of varying abilities, special needs, and gender. Behavior patterns will be distributed fairly. You can specify compatible student-teacher pairs and pairs of students whom you do not wish to be in the same class.

Principals tell us that there is no single-function, easy-to-use software for these tasks. They do not want to purchase a high-priced, multi-function, suite of programs, many of which they do not need. Principal´s Pal and Classlist Creator meet their needs and preferences and provide the flexibility in scheduling they want.

A single-user license for each program is available for $150(US) each. Both programs can be single-user licensed for a package price of $250. Multiple licenses (mix and match) are available at reduced prices. You and your colleagues can pool your order and receive a good price break. For more information contact Planning Software, Inc., 2608 B Augusta Lane, Hays, KS 67601, phone 1-866-742-6345 (toll-free), fax 1-785-621-4281, or email:

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