Columbia, Md. — July 31, 2007– A recent report from Decision Tree Consulting (DTC), an industry-leading UK research company, reports that Interwrite Learning is the worldwide leading interactive pad provider with 63 percent of industry sales. The report also indicates that interactive pad sales grew 65 percent during 2006.

As the winner of the 2006 AEP & AOL@SCHOOL Technology Leadership Award, the Interwrite Pad was first introduced in 2002, received a U.S. Patent in 2005 and is the only pad developed exclusively for classroom use.

Today, Interwrite Learning has a distinguished reputation of being a trusted global partner of innovative interactive solutions for primary, secondary and higher education markets.

"We take a lot of pride in developing innovative technology products that make a positive difference in classrooms around the world" said Steve Kaye, co-president and chief operating officer of Interwrite Learning. "This report confirms what we hear from teachers everyday; that the Interwrite Pad is the ideal tool for teaching with digital content."

Now used daily in tens of thousands of classrooms worldwide, the Interwrite Pad is a wireless device that allows teachers to create an interactive whiteboard on any surface in their classroom. It gives teachers the freedom to move among their students, while easily being able to interact with their lesson materials projected at the front of the classroom using a standard digital projector. The Interwrite Pad also enables teachers to access and control their computer remotely. When the Pad is passed to students, it allows them to become directly involved in the lesson without ever having to leave their seats. Multiple Pads can be used in the same classroom to further increase student engagement and participation.

According to the DTC study, the interactive whiteboard market is forecast to increase three-fold in the next five years. When DTC first started tracking the whiteboard market in 2001, there were only 44,000 boards sold in the year. There are now 1.2 million installed boards with forecasts of 5.3 million by 2011. In addition to leading the market with sales of the Interwrite Pad, Interwrite Learning was listed as the fastest growing interactive products company overall from Quarter 4 2006 to Quarter 1 2007.

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