School Web Lockers signed their first school district in Wisconsin on Tuesday, July 31. Marinette School District will test the new program out on 100 students and teachers. If all goes well, they plan to give all students and teachers access to the program.

Training will begin on Monday, August 6 for staff members where they will learn how to post homework assignments, have online discussions with their classes, and review homework the students turn in. The district plans to evaluate the program after each month and possibly slowly integrate new users. With such a low per user cost, Marinette School District can easily add users throughout the year without really affecting their budget.

When asked why she chose School Web Lockers, Keran DeCamp, Network Management Liaison for Marinette School District, said "I´ve been looking for paperless homework options for a number of months, and we´re always looking for ways to cut down on network management since our department is very understaffed." Because School Web Locker staff members monitor all activity and take care of all user administration, Marinette School District can focus their efforts on other projects.

Other schools and districts have chosen this program to solve the constant problem students are having trying to store files. One Technology Director at Village Christian Schools in California said he was more worried about providing his students with storage space than anything else. School Web Lockers offers students 100 MB of internet storage and 1 GB for teachers and administrators.

School Web Lockers is now in 9 states with over 200,000 users. It is an annual service with a renewal rate of over 92% this year. For more information, go to or call 858-874-0464.

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