Addison, Texas, August 2, 2007 — Pasadena Independent School District (Pasadena, Texas) has selected Mizuni, Inc´s information management solution to serve its 56 schools and 50,000 students. Pasadena ISD will implement the full Mizuni Motiv product suite – data integration platform, data warehouse, reporting tools, and web-based portal – to deliver essential data such as trend analysis of student performance to teachers, administrators and parents.

Pasadena ISD, 15 miles Southeast of Houston, is a data-driven district with the vision of providing key stakeholders with access to powerful data to improve student achievement. To accomplish this, Pasadena was looking for a data warehouse, reporting and portal solution that integrates data from their student information system and seven other student-related applications in an entirely SIF (Schools Interoperability Framework) environment. The SIF Implementation Specification enables diverse applications to interact and share data efficiently, reliably, and securely regardless of the platform hosting those applications.

"Mizuni was the only provider to have a proven SIF solution commercially available today. Not only did Mizuni Motiv meet our full requirements, but the start-up and annual costs were substantially lower over a five-year period than any competitor," according to Mr. Bob Daughrity, Chief Technology Officer of Pasadena ISD.

To improve student achievement, a district needs to analyze student performance data and make adjustments quickly. The faster the data is available, the sooner the students benefit. "Students win when teachers, administrators and parents have access to assessment results within moments of when they become available," said Mr. Daughrity.

"We are thrilled to provide our Motiv solution and strategy to Pasadena ISD. We have partnered with Pasadena ISD for the last year, and we are excited they are now prepared to take their data management implementation to the next level with the entire Mizuni Motiv product suite," stated Mr. Ignacio Ybarra, President of Mizuni, Inc.

About Mizuni Motiv
Mizuni Motiv is a comprehensive information management solution that combines innovative software products with proven best practices. The Mizuni Motiv product suite consists of the Motiv SIF Zone Integration Server, Motiv SIF Agents and Motiv Data Warehouse & Portals. The benefits of Mizuni Motiv to school districts are:
? Consolidation of all operational data into a single data store via the SIF industry standard.
? Streamlined administrative processes and reduced overhead through automated reporting.
? Cost-effective investment that maximizes district accountability and student services provided.
? Secure real-time access to powerful information to inform and improve classroom instruction.

About Mizuni, Inc.
Mizuni, Inc. is the innovation leader in information management solutions for K-12 districts. Based entirely on the Schools Interoperability Framework (SIF), the Mizuni Motiv product suite combines data integration, data storage, and information delivery with services and strategies to deliver powerful and cost-effective, data-driven decision- making solutions. Founded in 2004, Mizuni Motiv currently manages student information for over 125 U.S. schools. For more information, visit

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