Portland, Ore. — August 7, 2007 — Learning.com, the premier provider of web-enhanced curriculum and assessment, today announced the debut of Aha!Math, a new, interactive supplemental math curriculum for grades K-5. Learning.com designed Aha!Math to help teachers improve students´ foundational math skills and achieve that "Aha!" moment when they grasp complex math concepts.

As educators have focused increased attention on reading and on accountability issues, they have had less time to devote to teaching math. Research also shows they often feel unprepared to teach the subject. As a result, students oftentimes struggle to master fundamental math skills, as well as to develop their higher-level problem solving abilities and conceptual knowledge in math.

Aha!Math is Learning.com´s answer to these issues. With engaging content that incorporates multisensory experiences and real-world challenges, Aha!Math supports teachers in helping students develop a strong understanding of mathematical concepts through problem-solving activities, like building geodesic domes using their knowledge of math facts and shapes. The research-based curriculum provides opportunities for students to hone their skills and the game-based learning encourages repeated practice while reinforcing new skills that students can leverage for success in school and in the future.

Aha!Math equips teachers with instructional modules, interactive lessons, teacher-led activities, educational games and online quizzes to easily incorporate into their math curriculum. Onscreen digital coaches lead students through activities that are relevant and engaging, and also motivate the students to return again and again to practice their new skills. Teachers decide how and when to incorporate Aha!Math into their curriculum. Aha!Math also provides teachers with successful models for teaching challenging math concepts and helps them integrate more math instruction throughout the day.

As a Web-delivered solution, Aha!Math allows students to access it anytime, anywhere — whether it´s in the classroom, computer lab, mobile lab, library, community center, an after school program or at home. Aha!Math is built on the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Curriculum Focal Points and is aligned with state math standards, making it easy to integrate into any existing math curriculum.

"Our goal is to improve student learning through Web-enhanced curriculum and we look forward to expanding our product focus into core curriculum with the introduction of Aha!Math," said Bill Kelly, CEO and founder of Learning.com. "Learning.com continues to lead the way in providing premier, digital curriculum through innovative and relevant solutions that support teachers to help students to succeed."

Pricing and Availability
Learning.com is offering Aha!Math at an introductory price of $8 per student per year until October 31st. After this date, the product will be $12 per student per year with volume discounts available.

For more information about Learning.com and Aha!Math, please visit www.learning.com. Sample curriculum can also be viewed on the Learning.com web site.

Additional Learning.com Solutions
Learning.com´s innovative, web-based solutions, EasyTech and TechLiteracy Assessment, enhance student learning not only by promoting technology literacy, but also by improving student performance across core curriculum subjects.

EasyTech is a K-8 technology literacy curriculum that helps students develop and apply their technology skills to math, language arts, social studies and science. Its interactive, multisensory features allow teachers to provide students with the skills they need to be successful in 21st century careers and lives.

Learning.com´s TechLiteracy Assessment provides a Web-delivered authentic assessment that measures and reports student technology skills and provides data to support improved student learning. Educators get timely and automatic reports to help them meet accountability requirements, pinpoint technology challenges and identify successful teaching methods that support technology skill development.

About Learning.com
Learning.com, the premier provider of web-enhanced curriculum, partners with schools and districts to improve student learning outcomes. The Portland, Ore.-based company transforms learning experiences through its understanding of the art and science of Web-based teaching and learning. Its solutions are EasyTech, a proven, K-8 technology literacy curriculum that helps students develop and apply their technology skills to math, language arts, social studies and science objectives; TechLiteracy Assessment, an authentic technology proficiency assessment that provides educators with the data to understand how well students grasp foundational technology skills and meet accountability requirements; and Aha!Math, an interactive supplemental math curriculum for grades K-5, that supports teachers to improve students´ foundational math skills, while developing their higher level problem-solving and reasoning skills. For more information, please visit www.learning.com or call 800-580-4640.

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