San Francisco, August 7 — Featuring kids, interactive games, cartoon characters like Pete the three-eyed monster, and animated graphics, the Innovation Generation? ( program is a fun and exciting community for children to explore their curiosity, experience the effect of innovation and create new and exciting ideas. Interactive content within a safe online environment makes Innovation Generation the place to ignite a child´s passion for discovery and learning. By creating a shared experience for kids, their parents, and teachers centered on these subject areas, Innovation Generation encourages and launches the next-generation of engineers, scientists, and mathematicians.

Technology is fueling today´s global economy and there is increasing competition in engineering and science-dependent industries once dominated by the United States, which has dropped to seventh place according to the World Economic Forum report (March 2007). Geoffrey C. Orsak dean of the Southern Methodist University School of Engineering and the founder of The Infinity Project and Visioneering that reaches millions of students across the United States with innovative math and science based engineering curricula and educational experiences, said, "The most prized of all modern skills, innovation, has sadly been left out of our national debate on math and science education reform.

However, we have seen first-hand that kids of all ages can learn to be innovators if they are provided with the best tools and the opportunity. I am excited about the impact of innovation generation on lighting the fire of creativity in our next generation."

Ray Almgren, vice president of product marketing and academic relations of National Instruments, who has devoted significant effort to enhancing science and engineering education and inspiring students to pursue technical careers, said, "The development of future engineers is critical to National Instruments, which is why we focus our time and resources on innovative science, technology, engineering, and math
(STEM) education initiatives. Innovation Generation is a strategic program offering a web-based tool that will excite and inspire kids to use science, math and engineering to change the world. By preparing today´s students for tomorrow´s challenges, we are laying the foundation to ensure they will achieve their full potential in whatever goals they aspire to."

"Innovation Generation was specifically created to address these critical issues, by connecting children to the world of technology, encouraging discovery and ultimately closing the gap between the demand for innovative technologists and the number of students receiving degrees in science, technology, electronics and math," said Paul Miller, executive director, Innovation Generation. "For example, our program features video interviews with real world innovators who share the creation, development and implementation of their special ideas and encourage viewers to start their own unique innovation journey. In a fun interactive environment, the site will build a social community that reinforces that math and science are cool, educating kids to become the Innovation Generation."

Matt, age 9, explored the site and says, "This is a great site. I can spend hours reading about all the famous innovators, playing the games and testing my knowledge. I never knew it could be so much fun to learn about technology, science and math. I don´t know what I want to be when I grow up – but it´s cool to see all of the possibilities. I am excited to be part of the innovation generation."

Katherine, age 12, thinks, "Innovation Generation is fantastic. It turns real science into fun. It´s helped me understand some incredible things about science. I especially love the fun, crazy games that involve carnivals, catapults, and although you hardly realize it, physics."

Highlights of Innovation Generation include:
– Explore Your World – a virtual city that depicts and demonstrates how science, technology and math are involved in all aspects of everyday life
– Flex Your Innovation Muscle – dozens of web-based games enabling kids to learn about science, technology, electronics and math
– Change the World Bulletin Board – a virtual bulletin board with the Top 10 ideas that will change the world; winning ideas move to the ´Let´s Build It´
challenge arena

Innovation Generation is currently available, in beta, at and will be officially available in November 2007 through an annual subscription.

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