NEW Vend Sentinel allows parents to control what their children can and cannot purchase from the school vending machines.

Launched at the 2007 ANC School Nutrition Conference in Chicago, Vend Sentinel was met with resounding approval by the attendees of the show.

Parents log into the Vend Sentinel website and select the items in the school vending machine that their children can and cannot have access to.

Vend Sentinel even has prepaid product features, which allow parents to prepay for milk or other items, and those items are what their children can have from the vending machines.


You can login as a guest parent and see the system in action, or you can log in as an administrator and see all the powerful features such as pick lists, sales reports, current inventory, live status, activity graphs and more….

For more information on how you can have Vend Sentinel installed on your schools´ vending machines, please call 1.800.668.1656 or you may send an e-mail to

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