Seattle, August 13, 2007 — Cdigix, Inc., the leading provider of digital educational services to the college marketplace, today announced that it is seeking 20 qualified faculty members from the nation´s leading universities to join an exclusive advisory panel being formed for C-Labs: Faculty Edition. Each esteemed educator selected by Cdigix will be eligible to receive up to $5,000 in grant funds, to be used toward media acquisition and delivery services as well as product development relating to this next generation digital audio and video education tool.

To be considered, faculty members from accredited universities nationwide need to submit an application to Cdigix, including a short description of how they will utilize digital media in their course. Once chosen, the panel members will be given full access to C-Labs: Faculty Edition during the 2007 — 2008 school year and will be asked periodically to provide critical feedback in the form of written surveys, questionnaires and other information-gathering methods.

In return, each advisory panel member will be able to utilize up to $5,000 in services, for the acquisition and production of audio and video media to benefit his or her coursework. Titles acquired on behalf of each member also become permanent additions of his or her university´s library.

Unveiled last month, C-Labs: Faculty Edition allows individual faculty members to easily incorporate rich audio and video media into classroom study. Once the course-critical content is posted to the platform, it is distributed in a secure manner to students who are using both PCs and Macs. Faculty members can work directly with Cdigix for media procurement from its library exceeding 120,000 titles, receive content encoding and encryption services, customer support, student authentication and other user needs. The service also offers podcasting capabilities, allowing campus-produced content, such as lectures, to be posted in non-encrypted audio and video formats and then played back on a student´s computer or transferred to a portable device such as an iPod.

The application form and other details pertaining to the advisory board and grant funds are available at C-Labs: Faculty Edition is also available for immediate access at

"User feedback is critical for any successful product or service," said Mark Brodsky, Vice President of University Sales at Cdigix, Inc. "We´re excited about assembling a panel of expert educators and providing them with the appropriate support and financial resources in order to fully leverage C-Labs: Faculty Edition´s capabilities. We look forward to receiving invaluable feedback that could be incorporated into future versions of the service."

C-Labs: Faculty Edition, a self-service product designed for faculty, is the companion to the company´s full campus solution, C-Labs: Enterprise Edition. The enterprise edition allows librarians and on-campus IT experts to post and maintain an online reserve of university-owned digital media that can be shared across all departments and disciplines. C-Labs: Enterprise Edition also integrates with many other premier campus applications, such as the Blackboard Building Blocks? open architecture initiative.

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Cdigix, Inc. is the leading provider of secure digital educational media to the college marketplace. The Seattle-based company operates C-Labs, a complete turnkey service that allows universities to post and maintain course-critical digital audio and video media online –to be accessed by students. More information about the company and its services is available at

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