Waltham, Mass. — Aug. 15, 2007– Lycos, Inc. (http://www.lycos.com), a leading community destination, makes it easier than ever for teachers across the U.S. to connect with their students, parents, fellow teachers and educators through its award-winning Tripod (www.tripod.lycos.com) web publishing and hosting tools. Much more than a virtual classroom, Tripod gives teachers powerful, easy-to-use tools to better compete in the world of Web 2.0, with the ability to create interactive web sites for more efficient communication.

Tripod for Teachers (http://www.tripod.lycos.com/teachers/index.tmpl) provides classroom templates, easy-to-use site building tools and hosting services for any teacher to create a web sites in minutes. Many teachers are unaware of free web page building and hosting sites like Tripod, giving educators resources to create a web presence to post homework assignments, provide links to websites for references, host class photo albums and field trip videos, and blog with parents and others in a secure online environment.

"Education if the fifth most popular topic with our millions of Tripod members, and we are thrilled that more and more teachers are turning to Tripod to access our easy-to-use site building tools to aid them in their classrooms," said Don Kosak, chief technology officer for Lycos. "Lycos is proud to be able to offer educators the opportunity to utilize our award-winning building and blogging tools to better connect with the audiences that are most important to them."

"Tripod has made a huge impact in my classroom, especially in the communications between myself, students and parents," said New York teacher Heidi McCasland (http://mrsmacsplace.tripod.com/). "I discovered Tripod more than five years ago and have been using it in my classroom ever since, and spreading the word to colleagues across the country as well. After seeing the positive impact it made on my students, many of my fellow teachers wanted to create their own classroom web sites. Since then, I have led workshops, instructing other teachers how to build their own sites, creating a more connected community focused on providing the best educational experience possible for our students."

Getting Started links (http://www.tripod.lycos.com/guides/gettingstarted/) direct teachers to site-building tutorials, offering quick guides to building web sites, blogs and photo albums. Tripod for Teachers also provides customizable Sitebuilder? templates to begin web site building in minutes, while Tripod´s free hosting services allow teachers to get a web site up and live within moments of creation. Tripod´s Blog Builder? tools also give teachers the ability to communicate publicly or privately as needed.

Established in 1995, Tripod is one of the original Web publishing and hosting sites on the Internet, currently serving more than 12 million unique users, and ranked as the second most popular web hosting site (comScore Media Metrix June 2007). Tripod´s award-winning Blog Builder? tools let users create blogs for free, providing quick and easy access to post digital photos via cell phones and mobile devices. Tripod´s Photo Album tools let users customize album designs, receive comments and ratings and print copies of favorite photos.

About Lycos, Inc.
Lycos, Inc. (www.lycos.com) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Daum Communications Corp., a leading Internet portal and e-commerce destination in Korea with a growing presence throughout the Asian markets. Lycos, Inc. operates search and technology websites that foster online communities, including the new Lycos Cinema and Lycos MIX video platforms, combining community with high-quality broadband video content. Other Lycos products and sites include Lycos.com, Hotbot.com, Tripod.com, Angelfire.com, Gamesville.com, Lycos Mail, Lycos Phone, Lycos Entertainment, Lycos Music and Lycos Planet. Lycos was acquired by Korean Daum Communications Corp. in October 2004 and has its U.S. headquarters in Waltham, Massachusetts. Daum Communications Corp. is traded on the KOSDAQ: 035720, www.daum.net.

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