Washington, D.C.– Hilary Goldmann, director of government affairs for the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE®), was elected vice president of the Committee for Education Funding (CEF) in a special election on July 27. The voice vote by CEF members was unanimous. Goldmann will stand for president of CEF at the 2007 annual meeting in December.

"Hilary has a long and successful history in government relations, education technology and higher education," says Ed Kealy, executive director of the Committee for Education Funding. "Her experience as an advocate for education issues will be very helpful in her new leadership role as vice president, and will allow her to be comfortable and effective in negotiating with members of congress to provide the maximum increased funding for education."

Goldmann recently celebrated her second anniversary as ISTE´s lead for policy and advocacy activities. She played a key role in developing the Achievement Through Technology and Innovation bill introduced in Congress this spring.

"We´re very pleased at this well-deserved recognition of Hilary´s advocacy leadership," said ISTE CEO, Don Knezek. "Congratulations to her and to the whole education technology community whose cause she so ably represents."

Founded in 1969, CEF and its more than 100 member organizations have worked toward the common goal of achieving adequate federal support for our nation´s education system. Nonpartisan and nonprofit, CEF is America´s largest education coalition, reflecting the broad spectrum of the education community.

The Committee´s members are concerned individuals, educational institutions, agencies, associations and other organizations whose interests range from preschool to post graduate education in both public and private systems.

More information about ISTE´s advocacy programs and its work with CEF is available by contacting Hilary Goldmann at (202) 861-7777 or hgoldmann@iste.org.

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