Waltham, Mass., August 6, 2007 — PeopleCube, the leader in on-demand calendaring, resource and event management solutions, today announced the latest version of Resource Scheduler, the popular room, resource and office hoteling management solution for organizations of all sizes. This new release, available on-demand or on-premise, includes several usability enhancements to improve reservation workflow and the overall end user experience. Among the highlighted features included in this release is an updated user interface, conflict resolution for recurring meetings, kiosk support for office hoteling and hot desking, lobby display support, and additional enhancements to the Resource Scheduler for Outlook/Exchange module. Further, this new release supports the new Resource Scheduler API (Application Programming Interface). This new API enables partners, system integrators and other organizations to easily integrate Resource Scheduler functionality into display devices, reservation kiosks, and other third-party applications such as SalesForce.com, facility management systems, and others.

The updated user interface in this latest release of Resource Scheduler simplifies and accelerates the resource scheduling workflow by allowing users to click directly in the calendar at the desired date and time to make a reservation. Additional usability enhancements made to the application interface include scrollable information displays that make it easier for users to access and view information from within the application.

"Resource Scheduler solves real resource management problems many organizations face. It eliminates resource double-bookings by providing customers with an automated, easy-to-use application for reserving rooms, managing resources, and booking shared workspaces," said Ann Hamann, vice president of marketing at PeopleCube. "The UI enhancements included in Resource Scheduler are intended to increase user productivity by making the resource reservation process faster, easier, and more intuitive. As a result, less time is spent scheduling resources, allowing users to focus on other business issues. "

The latest release of Resource Scheduler also includes usability enhancements to facilitate conflict resolution for recurring reservations. When a recurring reservation is created, Resource Scheduler automatically identifies any corresponding conflicts for the requested resource(s) and easily allows the user to search for alternate resources during those conflicting times.

New functionality has also been added to the Resource Scheduler for Outlook/Exchange module as part of this new release to help streamline the reservation workflow from within the Outlook calendaring environment. For example, the release includes a new utility for easily distributing Outlook forms to users, and a new reporting utility for administrators that helps them determine a user´s installed version status. This aids administrators who need to periodically ensure all users on the network are running synchronized versions of the application. Further, Resource Scheduler for Outlook/Exchange also now supports Outlook 2007.

Additional enhancements to the latest version of Resource Scheduler include:
? Kiosk support to facilitate office hoteling (hot desking) and ad-hoc flexible workspace reservations.
? New time-zone friendly scheduling that makes it easier for users to schedule and update reservations in alternate time zones.
? Secure single sign-on through SAML implementation, improving user authentication from outside of the network.
? Integration capabilities with Polyvision´s RoomWizard and other display systems to enable users to easily view a room´s meeting schedule and reserve it on the spot based on its availability.
? Lobby display integration support for posting "today´s meetings" and other related information.

This new release of Resource Scheduler will be available in late August, 2007. For more information including pricing, please contact sales@peoplecube.com.

About Resource Scheduler
Resource Scheduler is the leading web-based resource management solution for businesses, universities and other organizations looking to effectively manage, utilize and schedule shared resources throughout the organization. Available as an on-demand or on-premise application, Resource Scheduler eliminates double-bookings by enabling users to easily search for available resources based on specified criteria. They can then reserve those resources – from meeting rooms, training rooms and A/V equipment to vehicles, athletic fields and even shared workspaces in an office hoteling environment — quickly and easily by using the Resource Scheduler web client or optional Outlook integration client.

For more information about Resource Scheduler, visit www.peoplecube.com/products/resource_scheduler.

About PeopleCube
PeopleCube is a leading provider of on-demand calendaring, resource and event management solutions for organizations of all sizes. Their suite of scheduling products have helped more than 7,500 customers worldwide in education, high tech, healthcare and government optimize their people, processes and schedules to improve productivity, increase revenue and reduce costs. With headquarters in Waltham, Massachusetts and offices throughout the U.S. and Europe, PeopleCube has grown consistently through organic growth and strategic acquisitions. For more information, visit www.peoplecube.com.

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