Parents, teachers, and children who are learning howto read will appreciate Starfall, a free web site that uses audio andvisual games, animation, and phonetics activities to teach childrenbasic reading skills. For a fee, the site also provides writingjournals and books that can be used separately or in conjunction withits lessons, and a download center features online printouts and otheractivities. Teachers can visit the site’s "For Educators" section,which provides links to federal reading reports and standards, as wellas online books arranged in scope and sequence and by unit objective.Downloadable books such as Peg the Hen, Car Race, and My Family focuson specific sounds and skills. Starfall is the creation of StephenSchutz, founder of Colorado-based publisher Blue Mountain Arts, and hisson, Jared Schutz Polis, former chairman of the Colorado State Board ofEducation.

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