We are pleased to inform you that SANAKO Study 500/1200 v. 2.04 Service Pack 1 (v. 2.60) has now been released. The service pack has a number of improvements to Study features that enhance usability.

The Service Pack has been thoroughly tested in our own test environment, as well as on-site with existing customers.

Functionality improvements include completely shutting down/blocking/limiting students from using the internet. This new feature is an enhancement to the already existing internet controls, which allowed the teacher to block certain undesirable websites and/or only allow student access to those pre-approved by the instructor. This also eliminates the need for a school to purchase two or more solutions to achieve the same results, thus saving the school money that can be used in other areas.

With such increasing usage of technology in the classroom and more one to one computer to student ratios being implemented, students are more likely to move from classroom to classroom and bring their own PC with them. Because of this Sanako has enabled the students to select their classroom/teacher from a predetermined list, thus allowing students to quickly and easily gain access to class files and the teacher can now start teaching almost immediately.

Other features include:
? Ability to collect recorded files after the Discussion activity
? Record the program track during the Listening Comprehension activity
? Possibility for teachers to use the audio from a selected media player on the tutor computer as the media source during an activity
? Video streamer input selections have been added to the Tutor GUI preferences

Language versions
The Study 500/1200 software is also available in the following languages:

Chinese (simplified)

SANAKO Study 500
Modern teaching software that combines a range of interaction and communication tools with IT and Internet resources for effective and imaginative learning experiences. Plug-in software modules may be introduced to give additional learning, teaching or classroom management activities. Study 500 is also suitable for use in wireless LAN environments.*

SANAKO Study 1200
Light, dynamic and flexible language teaching software, Sanako Study 1200 combines IT and Internet resources to add high impact to new and traditional language learning routines. Plug-in software modules introduce additional learning, teaching or classroom management activities. Compatible with modern computer operating systems, Study 1200 can also be used in most wireless environments.*

* Some restrictions may apply.

SANAKO Corporation
SANAKO is an international software company operating in the educational technology sector. Our products range from digital language labs to state-of-the-art virtual classrooms. We develop innovative offerings to help users easily create interactive environments for effective learning. Sanako´s award-winning solutions are used in more than 19,000 schools and higher educational institutions worldwide, and each week over 6 million people learn a language using Sanako technology.

Apart from its headquarters in Turku, Finland, the company has sales offices in Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Lyon, France; New York, USA; Shanghai, China and Vantaa, Finland. We are also represented by a reliable and reputable network of distributors in some 70 countries. The company is privately owned, directly employs 80 persons, and estimated turnover for 2005 is approximately 12m Euros.

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