September 5, 2007 — Teachers’ Domain, a web site from Public BroadcastingService (PBS) television station WGBH in Boston, for years has offeredfree educational resources developed from award-winning PBS scienceprograms such as NOVA and A Science Odyssey. Now, the site has launcheda section devoted to Open Educational Resources–downloadable,sharable, remixable video segments, interactive activities, and lessonplans in earth science, engineering, life science, and physical sciencedisciplines. These resources will give educators greater flexibility toshape and use content to meet their own individual needs, WGBH says.All content is free after registering. "Our resources have alwayscorresponded with all state and national education standards, but wehave always wanted to encourage educators make it their own," explainsDenise Blumenthal, director of educational productions at WGBH. "TheOpen Educational Resources collection gives [teachers] the ability tocustomize our content to fit their curricula." This special collectionwill represent a third of the resources currently available onTeachers’ Domain, WGBH says, which covers all key topics in science andsoon will expand into the humanities, too.

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