Denver, Colorado — August, 2007 — WISCO Computing has won the SIA award for Best Educational Program or Game for its educational software application WISCO Word Power. The award was presented at the 16th annual Software Industry Conference, held in Denver, Colorado on July 14, 2007.

WISCO Word Power v. 2 is a Windows application that helps boost students? vocabulary skills by letting teachers and parents create crossword puzzles, matching and multiple choice quizzes, word searches, vocabulary bingo cards, magic squares, and flash cards. Simply provide the program with a list of vocabulary words and definitions, and WISCO Word Power will generate captivating exercises that will help kids succeed in school, and in life.

Working with a list of vocabulary words and definitions, WISCO Word Power offers a dozen different exercises that will entertain and teach students. Vocabulary bingo cards and flash cards let you create up to 40 different cards per word list. You can include clues in your fill-in-the-blank quizzes. Students will enjoy performing letter substitutions to crack the CryptoLists codes. You can create letter juggling exercises, multiple choice quizzes, crossword and kriss-kross puzzles, and definition-matching quizzes. There are even magic number squares and Sudoku number puzzles.

In addition to increasing kids? vocabulary in the school or home setting, WISCO Word Power is ideal for adult education, English as a second language (ESL) drills, home schooling, and business training.

Whether you?re a teacher who wants to save time and effort when developing intriguing vocabulary exercises for your students, a parent who wants a way to engage children in enhancing their communication skills, or a Human Resource Management officer who needs to boost workers? language skills by providing on-site training, WISCO Word Power has the tools that you need.

WISCO Word Power v. 2 runs on Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista, costs $61.95(US) for a single-user license, and may be purchased securely online on School site licenses are available for $299(US). You can download a free trial version from the same web address. For more information, contact WISCO Computing, PO Box 8, Wisconsin Rapids, WI, 54495-0008 USA. Phone: (715) 423-8189 Email: Internet:

About WISCO Computing
Since 1985, WISCO Computing has been developing and marketing educational software. The company?s software designer and developer, Terry L. Jepson, was a full-time teacher for 19 years before starting WISCO Computing. In addition to the award-winning WISCO Word Power, the company also offers Gradebook Power, a teacher?s gradebook application with attendance tracking, seating charts, and more than 40 teacher, student, and administrative reports; Survey Power, a powerful application to create and analyze survey questionnaires and opinion polls; CD Menu Builder, a utility that turns any Windows program into an autorun/autoplay CD-ROM, complete with an interactive menu; and LangPad, a handy utility for inserting international characters, currency symbols, and other extended and typographic characters into your text editor.

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