San Rafael, CA — August 31, 2007 — It?s the dream of all e-mail users and every specialist who supports them: total protection from every type of spam and unwanted messages, seamlessly grafted onto any e-mail system currently in use. And now it?s here– all-new ?enterprise-ready? Version 2.0 spam-free e-mail system has the capability to provide an ?invisibility cloak? that literally shields e-mail inboxes against spam without forcing difficult or expensive changes in software or hardware.

The Pain Of Change
If you?re an individual, you probably have experienced the headaches of switching to a new e-mail system–and don?t want to do it again. It requires lots of keyboarding to re-make address book entries, lots of time spent learning new command sequences, and lots of effort cajoling everyone with whom you correspond to switch over to your new e-mail address.

If you?re an organization, or a tech department supporting an organization, you?re acutely aware that switching to a new e-mail system requires a massive expenditure of time, effort, and money. And making the change is particularly painful if it forces you to junk the current system in which you?ve heavily invested–not just the hardware and software, but the training of all the people who need e-mail to accomplish their work. (This explains why inefficient and expensive e-mail filtering technologies have come into such widespread use: despite their glaring deficiencies they?ve been cheaper–and much easier to stomach–than a switch to a whole new system.)

It?s no wonder that for years the dream has been a technology that fully protects every inbox against spam without forcing a replacement of the satisfactory (and familiar) components of whatever e-mail system is already in use.

A New Era Begins

At last, the dream has been realized. Everything you?ve wanted in a spam-fighting e-mail system is freely available right now to individual users at Organizations can negotiate licenses to deploy the same system to ?cloak? any or all of their e-mail users at extremely reasonable rates.

This breakthrough was no accident. When the technology group at first set out to build a totally spam-free e-mail system, one of the smarter strategists suggested that we design and build it as a ?cloaking device.? This way, it would be capable of shielding existing e-mail inboxes from spam in a way that protects every organization?s investments in e-mail technology. So we did.

Of course, this Version 2.0 technology works equally well as a spam-free stand-alone e-mail system, providing a full suite of advanced user-friendly features.

Complete Package
Among the desirable features in EnterTo?s new Enterprise-ready Version 2.0 spam-free E-mail System are the following:

  • Both Public Channel and Private Channel authentication capabilities can be switched on or off by each user, at any time, allowing the system to learn each user?s legitimate e-mail correspondents without requiring them to respond to an authentication challenge.
    Powerful anti-virus capabilities built into the system are regularly updated to meet the most current threats.

  • Extensive, expensive, and update-hungry filtering is no longer necessary.
    All-new sorting and organizing capabilities allow an individual to arrange the presentation and categorization of inbound e-mails in whatever ways maximize productivity and suit his or her preferences.

  • Calendar and Address Book capabilities, including synchronization with popular versions of Outlook, are continuously available .
  • User selectable levels of PGP encryption, from fast and easy 512-bit encoding through heavy-duty 1024-bit encryption, extend all the way up to 4096-bit ?military-grade? encryption that?s truly bullet proof.
  • Users can select from four different interfaces, and can change from one to another at any time.
  • Built with a multi-lingual template, EnterTo?s new Enterprise-ready Version 2.0 ?spam-free? E-mail System is readily deployable for multi-national usage.
  • The system can be deployed to protect any organization?s e-mail system from unwanted spam or junk e-mails without requiring changes to the existing e-mail system or any user retraining.
  • Web-mail and client-server capabilities allow users to retrieve their e-mail from Version 2.0?s faster, more reliable servers with equal facility, whether using their own computer or any Internet-connected system.
  • EnterTo?s new Enterprise-ready Version 2.0 ?spam-free? E-mail System can be used by an individual as an ad-supported version at no cost, or as a ?Premium? ad-free version for $19.99 per year. Licenses for organizational use are competitively priced.

    About EnterTo
    EnterTo is a privately-held two year old company that for nearly a year has been actively testing in prototype form a totally new, patent-pending technology for defeating spam and junk e-mail. Its Version 2.0 e-mail system incorporates the most advanced and automated capabilities for spam and junk e-mail defense, and can be deployed to protect any existing e-mail system without replacing or disrupting the existing system. EnterTo is head-quartered in San Rafael, California, with satellite facilities around the world.

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