Chicago, Ill. — Sept. 4, 2007 — The bell rings and an entire class at Oakridge Middle School sits down to their individual computers to listen to the teacher?s lecture on how to create a PowerPoint presentation. You might think that students having their own computers in class would be a teacher?s nightmare. Instead of listening to the lecture, they are able to browse the Internet for the latest fashions or instant message their friends. But, the teachers at Collier County School District in Florida have found a solution. NetOp School helps keep students focused and on task while they maximize their learning experience with computers in this technologically savvy world.

NetOp School 5.0 is a computerized teaching program for the computer labs and networked classroom that allows teachers to view and record each student?s monitor from his or her own screen. If a student wanders off task, the teacher knows immediately and can send a private text message to bring the student back on track. The software also allows teachers to share any screen with the rest of the class, freeze a student?s mouse, or turn controls over to a student for a demonstration. NetOp also allows students to request help discreetly and gives them hands-on experience.

Within the Collier County schools, 52 teachers and about 1,200 students are currently using NetOp School. According to John Antonacci, the district?s technology analyst, all of the teachers use the program differently, but because of the wide range of easy-to-use features that NetOp School has to offer, they all praise the program.

?More and more teachers are requesting NetOp School installations everyday,? said Antonacci. ?Teachers will see their colleagues using a blocking feature or how easy it is for the teacher to demonstrate a particular point and then they will come find me and say, ?Hey, I want that!??

Teachers are networked to every computer in the classroom so students can easily see the teacher?s demonstration on their own monitor. Teachers can demonstrate how to create a Web site, PowerPoint presentation, spreadsheet or any other computer lesson more easily because students can follow along step-by-step at their own desks. Also, because any individual student?s computer can be shown on every screen in the classroom, students can work out problems from their seats and the rest of the class can follow along.

?The teachers have found that their favorite feature of NetOp School Version 5.0 is the quiz feature,? said Antonacci. ?They can quickly create a quiz on material the class has just learned and distribute it to each computer in the classroom. Just as easily, they get the quiz back and are able to grade it.?

The staff has found that NetOp School has been reliable and stable. They have been using the product since August and it has proved advantageous in many areas of the district including the library, the media centers, classroom settings and particularly in the alternative school, which educates students with discipline problems.

NetOp School was developed by Danish IT company, Danware A/S, and is sold in the United States by the company?s subsidiary NetOp Tech Inc.

Danware develops and markets additional software products based on NetOp technology, which provides for the swift, secure and seamless transfer of images, audio and data between two or more computers. NetOp Remote Control products enable remote control of one ore more computers at the more secure 256-bit encryption. NetOp Netfilter is an Internet filtering solution used to distinguish safe from unsafe content, using 100% dynamic text, image and behavior analysis. All are plug-and-play products offering extensive functionality, flexibility and user-friendliness.

About NetOp Tech Inc.
NetOp Tech, Inc. is the U.S. subsidiary of Danware, a Danish software company. Danware?s core business is to develop and market, through a certified channel of NetOp Partners, software products based on the NetOp core technology ? a technology enabling swift, secure and seamless transfer of screens, sound and data between two or more products. For more information, visit the NetOp Tech Inc. Web site at

About Danware A/S
Danware A/S develops and markets software products based on the NetOp technology–a technology enabling swift, secure, and seamless transfer of screens, sound, and data between two or more computers. Danware has three business areas: NetOp Remote Control, NetOp School and Security. NetOp Remote Control enables remote control of one or more computers, while NetOp School is used for computer–based classroom training. Security covers the internet–filter, NetOp Netfilter, and NetOp Desktop Firewall, which is a distributed firewall for monitoring processes and communication on computers.

Products from Danware are sold in more than 80 countries and the turnover in 2006 was DKK 97.9 million. Danware?s shares are listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange and are part of the Small Cap+ index.

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