Tampa, Fla. — September 4, 2007 — The statistics are startling, especially for a parent with a school-age child. As 50 million students head back to public schools across the country, the sad reality is that ultimately around 10 million of those students will never graduate from high school. According to the U.S. Department of Education?s National Center for Education Statistics, the average freshman graduation rate is around 75 percent, in the 48 states that reported their information. While Nebraska has the highest graduation rate, at 87.6 percent, Nevada had the lowest rate with only 57.4 percent. Faced with such realities, it?s easy to see why parents need every tool they can find to help their child make the grade.

?Nobody wants it to be their child that doesn?t graduate,? says Cari Diaz, of Club Z!, a Florida-based education company with over 400 locations across the nation.. ?But a lot of parents? kids don?t graduate. There are steps that parents can take in order to help their child succeed in school. One of them is making sure they are getting the help the need, especially if there is a subject in which they are struggling.?

While the reasons students drop out of high school are as diverse as the student body, there are quite a few, each year, that simply can?t keep up in a particular subject. Faced with the challenges of the nation?s overcrowded schools, it can be a daunting task for a student to receive one-on-one assistance from their teacher. Yet many students need additional help in subjects like math and English, key classes that must be passed in order to complete high school. That?s where Club Z!?s In-Home Tutoring Services comes to the rescue, providing students across the country for over 12 years with the in-depth training they need. With that help, students are able to grasp a subject better and maintain passing grades.

?If a student is struggling in something like math or reading, it could have severe consequences,? adds Diaz. ?They may not feel comfortable asking for help in school. Ultimately, it could mean lower grades, and they may eventually drop out if they feel they can?t keep up. Parents should suggest one-on-one tutoring because it?s in their own home, where they feel comfortable and can actually concentrate on the subject matter.?

Club Z! In-Home Tutoring Services provides one-on-one tutoring services in reading, writing, math, science, music and foreign languages. Additionally, they offer help with developing study and organization skills, and they offer standardized test preparation.

For more information about Club Z! In-Home Tutoring Services, or to find locations in your area, please visit www.clubztutoring.com.

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