Salt Lake City, UT — September 5, 2007 — School Improvement Network?s (SINET) Learning Framework proved to be extremely effective in West Carroll Parish Schools this past year. Students whose teachers participated in the Framework not only closed the achievement gap that existed in both Math and English Language Arts but surpassed it. Improvement was also made in students? attitudes, as well as the attitudes, confidence, and skills of the participating teachers.

A year ago, West Carroll, a rural district in northeastern Louisiana that struggles with high levels of poverty, chose the Learning Framework to improve the district?s four lowest performing schools. Teachers from these schools participated in the Learning Framework during the 2006-07 school year. The success rate of the students of these teachers in the Math portion of Louisiana Education Assessment Program (LEAP) in 2007 (meaning they scored at Basic, Mastery, or Advanced levels) increased by 21.4%, closing the achievement gap that existed the previous year and surpassing the rest of the district. Similarly, in English and Language Arts, the success rate of students increased by 27.7%, again closing the achievement gap and surpassing their peers. The success rate of students whose teachers did not participate in the Learning Framework remained unchanged from the previous year.

Bobby Cockerham, Director of Title I at West Carroll, said, ?The Learning Framework is a great program and the best money we have ever spent on professional development. I liked the comprehensive approach and, in particular, the dynamic presentations.?

The Learning Framework helps struggling schools increase student achievement by providing a research-based system for effective instruction and assessment. Teachers learn how to create educational targets that align to their state standards, differentiate instruction to meet the needs of students, and engage every student in learning. Teachers also examine how to design integrated lessons, maximize planning time, incorporate critical thinking skills, use effective questioning techniques, and utilize immediate feedback assessments to gauge student understanding. As part of the program, the School Improvement Network provided an independent evaluation service called Proof of Impact? to assess the effect of the professional development on the teachers and students.

?Results of the Proof of Impact evaluation are extraordinary,? said Dr. Steven Shaha, head of the evaluation team. ?This is remarkable. These students started at a significant disadvantage and ended up exceeding their peers. Teacher participation clearly distilled down to the students and had the inspiring impact every teacher and principal would hope for.?

About the Learning Framework
To help schools reach today?s high standards for student achievement, the School Improvement Network offers the Learning Framework, a comprehensive onsite training and offsite support program, which is customizable to a district?s objectives and needs. The Learning Framework focuses on building internal capacity to ensure that all improvements are sustainable and long-term. The Framework is aligned to state standards and utilizes proven, research-based instructional strategies. School districts in Utah, Louisiana, Hawaii and Wisconsin have all achieved significant improvements after providing the Framework training to their teachers. Read the entire West Carroll Case Study at

About the School Improvement Network
Founded in 1991, the School Improvement Network (SINET) has worked with thousands of schools and districts in every state and around the world to provide comprehensive solutions that get results in student learning. As the producer of The Video Journal of Education, TeachStream Online Courses, and PD 360, SINET is the nation?s leader in professional development. SINET provides onsite training to help schools make Adequate Yearly Progress, improve student learning and engagement, and increase achievement. To produce over 150 Video Journal of Education programs, the School Improvement team has documented best practices in over 3,000 classrooms across North America and has worked with dozens of the most respected experts in education. Learn more at

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