Arlington , VA — In celebration of Constitution Day on September 17, 2007, the Bill of Rights Institute has developed a new online module for middle and high school, and released a twelve-page Constitution Day tabloid to newspapers across the country. These new resources join other free materials already available at

The Bill of Rights Institute has arranged for distribution of the Constitution Day tabloid to newspapers across the United States, in conjunction with the Newspaper Association of America. The tabloid features interactive games and content that inform readers about constitutional principles such as republican government and federalism, how a bill becomes a law, and the history behind the writing of our Constitution and the Constitutional Convention. It also urges students to think about how government regulations impact their lives, and the First Amendment?s application to student journalists. In the future, the Constitution Day tabloid will be published as a booklet to be used in the classroom throughout the school year.

The Institute has also created a free, interactive online module for students. The centerpiece activity allows students to travel through time to converse with the Founders and report on the Constitutional Convention as if James Madison?s notes have gone missing. They will also match quotes with the Founders who said them, and complete a constitutional crossword puzzle. The module joins other free Constitution Day lesson plans for middle and high school students. These activities and lesson plans can be found at

For more information on these Constitution Day resources, feel free to visit our website,, or call 800-838-7870, ext. 22 for more information.

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