Rehobeth, MA — TimeWarp Technologies, Inc., the makers of the popular Home Concert Xtreme score-following software, has announced the release of Classroom Maestro 2.0 for Macintosh and Windows.

Classroom Maestro is the innovative software tool that enables classroom music teachers to display a variety of musical elements on a computer monitor or projector by simply playing notes on a MIDI keyboard. Using an on-screen staff and keyboard display, this intelligent musical assistant relieves the teacher of the need to use traditional and clumsy display devices, such as chalkboards, whiteboards, and overheads. Best of all, the projected display is always musically correct and formatted perfectly on the fly.

With the release of version 2.0, Classroom music teachers can now be even more productive and efficient by taking advantage of these new features:

New Interval Mode:
In addition to displaying single notes, chords, scales, and hand positions, version 2.0 adds intervals to the list, an important feature in any class activity devoted to ear training or written theory instruction.

Intelligent Analysis:
Classroom Maestro now has optional analysis features for Single Note, Interval, Chord, and Scale modes. In the case of Chord mode, there is a choice between Roman numeral and jazz (chord symbol) analysis. Scale analysis includes a database of approximately 200 different scale types.

Hands-Free Technology:
Teachers can now freeze the staff and keyboard displays using either the Shift key or the Caps Lock key. This is especially convenient if you wish to free your hands or walk around the room.

MIDI Keyboard No Longer Required:
As an alternative to using a MIDI keyboard, you can now click the keys of the onscreen keyboard to input notes.

More Flexible Note Spelling Options:
Classroom Maestro´s note spelling preferences can be customized to meet the teacher?s changing needs:

  • Determine chord-spelling by bass note. This feature is particularly useful if you want to show several chord types with the same root (i.e. C major, C minor, C augmented, C diminished) or play chords with tones outside of the current major or minor key.
  • Use the E (enharmonic) key in all modes. Restrike any note, then press the E key, to see the enharmonic equivalent.

    Options for Correcting Mistakes
    If you have played several notes that you are holding with a pedal, Shift key, or Caps Lock key and need to fix a mistake, you can use the Backspace key (Windows) or Delete key (Macintosh) to remove the last notes played in reverse order. (As a shortcut, you can play the wrong note again and then press the Backspace/Delete key.)

    New Clef Choices

    In addition to the Grand Staff, there are now additional clef choices, including single staff with treble, bass, or any C clef–an essential feature for group instrumental instruction and for advanced theory classes.

    Additional Display Options
    Classroom Maestro has always provided the teacher the option to hide or display the on-screen keyboard, the musical staff, and the current key signature. Now, with version 2.0, the teacher can choose whether to show the current major or minor modality as well.

    Full Screen Mode on Windows
    Full Screen mode, which has been very popular with Macintosh users, is now available for the Windows version as well.

    Classroom Maestro is a timesaving tool, conveniently reformatting the screen as you play. Teachers can use Classroom Maestro for any group-teaching situation, such as class piano, instrumental group instruction, music theory, ear training, or general music. Just think of Classroom Maestro as your intelligent, musical assistant, who understands what key you are in and who knows how to spell notes correctly on the staff, using your choice of grand staff, treble clef, bass clef, or any of the five C clefs. And don?t forget that you can change the background color and even the on-screen keyboard colors to match the decor of your classroom!

    Classroom Maestro may be ordered directly from the TimeWarp Technologies online store ( It is also available as part of the Roland Home Concert Software Bundle, which may be purchased from Roland Corporation U.S. ( or from any Roland dealer.

    Free demos of all TimeWarp Technologies products are available from the website:

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