Tampa, Fla. — August 7, 2007 — As the new school year begins, millions of students are entering the next grade in their school career. Yet many of them are not. And for those students, the research shows that it could mean trouble farther down the road. According to the U.S. Department of Education?s National Center for Education Statistics, around 12 percent of high school students are retained in a grade each year.

What?s startling is that around 21 percent of those who drop out of high school were, at one point, retained a grade. Even families with children entering elementary and middle school need to be aware of the issue. Around 5 percent of those in elementary school, and 7 percent of middle school students are retained a grade, each year. This is worrisome because the research indicates that there?s a much higher chance of later dropping out of high school if a child has been retained a grade at any point.

?There?s no doubt that one of the biggest problems facing schools today is the lack of student preparedness,? explains Cari Diaz of Club Z!, a Florida-based education company with over 400 locations across the nation. ?That?s why it?s become so important for parents to take an active approach in getting their child the help they need to get ahead and stay that way.?

Club Z! In-Home Tutoring Services, a tutoring leader for over 12 years, has emerged as a solutions provider to problems that face the education system today. While offering one-on-one tutoring to children in subjects such as math, reading, English, Science, and foreign languages, they also help them learn to be prepared for school. Their course covering study and organizational skills teaches children how to be organized for school and study, and how to manage their homework time, all of which are key traits essential to staying ahead during the school year.

?Even children who are already behind or are far ahead can greatly benefit from learning these skills,? says Diaz. ?Knowing how to study and be organized is not really a skill that?s taught at school, yet it?s a must that a child be good at both in order to do well at their studies and throughout life.?

In addition to basic organization skills that children gain from the course, they are introduced to learning styles to enhance retention rates, build on concentration and memory functions, and learn effective note-taking skills.

For more information about Club Z! In-Home Tutoring Services, or to find locations in your area, please visit www.clubztutoring.com.

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