Rockport, MA — September 6, 2007 — Distance Drawing offers the T_Rig Camera Bracket and Software to solve several classroom problems by using existing cameras, computers, and projectors. One teacher says ?When I turn my back to write on the blackboard I?m inviting students to misbehave.? Another teacher says, ?I hate chalk.? Teachers would like to have a record of their presentations to hand out to students who missed class, or for reference in future classes. They would like to draw student attention to key parts of a textbook page, or to details of a biological specimen. Also, students would like to share their work with the class for discussion and praise.

Easy to set up and use, the T_Rig Camera Bracket clamps to the edge of a desk, table, or cart. A digital video camera attaches to the camera arm of the T_Rig with a standard camera mount screw. The teacher slides the camera arm vertically with one hand for a rapid close up view of important material. The camera connects to a computer that runs the T_Rig View and Capture Software. That software has a button for saving to hard disk a snapshot of the camera view as a standard bitmap file. Snapshots are automatically numbered consecutively. This setup is a document camera. A projector attached to the computer displays the view of the camera upon a screen or classroom wall behind the teacher. Now the teacher has a visual presenter.

Distance Drawing was created in 2007 to provide teachers, students, and researchers with means to communicate writing and drawing over any distance in real time. The web site at offers links to over one hundred ways to use document cameras and visual presenters in any classroom.

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