Round Rock, Texas — Sept. 11, 2007 — Florida State University (FSU) has selected a next-generation high-performance computing cluster (HPCC) from Dell to enable a wide range of academic research designed to benefit society. The cluster, unveiled today, is housed at FSU?s main data center in Tallahassee.

From the custom design of the cluster to the final on-site installation, Dell simplified the process of purchasing and installing the cluster for FSU. Fewer than four weeks elapsed from order to initial operations.

FSU researchers will use the Dell cluster to study a host of important topics. For example, one of the key factors in fighting forest fires is the ability to predict the spread of the fire. The Dell cluster will simulate forest fire patterns with the goal of developing knowledge to help firefighters predict the behavior of fires.

To reduce the noise created by jet engines, engineers look for subtle ways to change the shape of the jet engine turbo fans, aircraft wings and the fuselage. Using the Dell cluster, FSU researchers will examine possible aircraft design changes to identify ways to reduce noise during flight. Conducting this research using computer modeling is more cost-effective and faster than using wind tunnels.

?Working with Dell, FSU faculty and staff have come up with an innovative approach that allows for a continuously evolving computing capability which fills the gap between large national facilities and a desktop computer,? said Kirby Kemper, vice president for Research at FSU. ?This new cluster builds on the concept originated at FSU of utilizing PC computer cluster farms for tackling problems that are computing-intensive.?

?Florida State is a wonderful example of a university using the latest technology to conduct leading-edge research,? said John Mullen, Dell vice president of higher education. ?High-performance computing is enabling research that benefits society, and the work that FSU researchers are conducting will accrue benefits for society for years to come.?

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