Ridgefield, CT — September, 2007 — Now able to have RSS , parents can easily keep up-to-date with their child?s classroom website. New updates from the teachers? website can be included in the daily news summaries parents receive through My Yahoo, My AOL, Google and other personalized web services.

What is RSS? RSS (Rich Site Summary) is a format for delivering summaries of regularly changing web content made to your teacher?s web site. Parents can automatically add this TeacherWeb feed to their RSS reader by going to their teacher?s classroom website and clicking on the RSS button, then following the simple instructions on how to add the feed.

Says Jeanne Bodnar, president of TeacherWeb: ?Many parents do not have the time to check the teacher?s website regularly. Now they don?t have to, because with RSS, updates from the teacher website are summarized and available on the parent?s home page.?

Parents with several children have been especially pleased. Instead of going to several websites to get classroom updates, the updates are sent to them.

Those interested in more information about TeacherWeb should email info@teacherweb.com or visit www.TeacherWeb.com.

About the Company
TeacherWeb is a registered trademark of TeacherWeb, Inc. a privately-owned Delaware corporation that is the leading provider of non-HTML template websites for teachers? use in the classroom. The ease of use for which TeacherWeb is known, as well as the great degree of accompanying customization and flexibility and ability to integrate school-wide, is accomplished through a proprietary patented technology which is recognized as unique throughout the industry. TeacherWeb was launched in 1996 by JeanneBodnar. Staff includes software engineers, marketing associates, and customer support staff.

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