Los Angeles, CA — September 11, 2007 — ClickN? READ Phonics, the world?s most advanced research-based online phonics reading program, is proving to be highly successful at teaching special needs children how to read. ClickN? READ, awarded top honors as the #1 learn to read resource for beginning readers by TopTenReviews, is a patent pending advanced online software program that teaches children four and older how to read on their own via a series of 100 entertaining and interactive online lessons.

Sequential series of Phonics lessons build confidence: kids learn to read at own pace
?Regardless of the challenges a child may face, whether it be Autism, Dyslexia, Down Syndrome, Williams Syndrome – or even Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), parents are telling us that ClickN? READ Phonics is the ideal reading resource for their child,? said Armie Carabet, CEO of ClickN? Kids, Inc. ?The animated ?space dog? instructor not only fascinates and entertains children, but it also is very effective at holding their attention and is a most patient ?teacher? -allowing children to learn at their own pace,? added Carabet.

ClickN? READ Phonics praised by parents of special needs children
For parents of special needs children who understand that it?s often difficult for public schools to adequately respond to their child?s needs, ClickN? READ Phonics has been a godsend. Violetta Davis, a home school parent from New York reflects the sentiments of many parents when she wrote the company the following thank you letter: ?Jonah was born with Down Syndrome…Jonah loves books and is reading well thanks to your program…Thank God you have been blessed with the ability to teach children with disabilities to be able to learn to read which will help in their future.?

ClickN? READ: authored by nationally recognized research professor, meets all standards
ClickN? READ Phonics was authored by nationally recognized research professor Dr. J. Ron Nelson. The curriculum meets all U.S. federal and state educational guidelines under the No Child Left Behind Act and instills in children the critical blend of skills necessary for proficient reading, including letter identification, phonemic awareness, alphabetic principle, high frequency sight words, word blending, word families, word endings, storybook reading, and spelling. ClickN? READ Phonics can teach children to learn how to read anytime and anywhere as the complete series of 100 ?live? phonics lessons are delivered online. The program also automatically generates individual student progress reports, as well as printable practice and review exercises.

ClickN? READ Phonics: company offers unprecedented learn-to-read guarantee
ClickN? READ is the only beginning learn-to-read program that comes with a 100% guarantee. The company has announced that if any child completes the series of 100 reading lessons and does not become a proficient reader, ClickN?Kids, Inc will provide a 100% refund. For more details, and to receive a free online demo of ClickN? READ Phonics, visit www.ClickNKids.com. For more information, contact ClickN? KIDS at 1-877-CLICK-ABC, or by email contact form at www.ClickNKIDS.com.

About ClickN? KIDS
ClickN? KIDS, Inc., through ClickN? READ Phonics, provides schools, parents, and individuals state-of- the-art, educator-approved interactive phonics software that teaches students of all ages how to read on their own via a home or school computer. Through a series of 100 entertaining and fully interactive online lessons, ClickN? READ Phonics simulates a ?live? teaching environment – prompting students, providing instant feedback, positive reinforcement, and comprehensive reading assessment reports. Developed by nationally recognized research professor Dr. J. Ron Nelson, the program is based upon research conducted by the National Academy of Sciences and the National Reading Panel, and it meets all No Child Left Behind standards. As a comprehensive and proven stand-alone direct instruction phonics reading program, it also can be used to greatly enhance instruction provided by schools. In fact, ClickN? READ Phonics has been used successfully in more than 2000 schools nationwide and has become an invaluable resource for home school students, ESL adult students, autistic and dyslexic children, as well as international students in more than 100 countries. ClickN? READ may be accessed online at: www.ClickNKIDS.com.

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