San Rafael, CA — Among popular techniques for defeating spam there is just one–challenge/response–that has never been ?hacked? by spammers looking to place unwanted e-mails in unsuspecting individuals? inboxes. That?s the one chosen to augment the world?s best anti-spam e-mail system, EnterTo?s new Enterprise-ready ?spam-free? E-mail System Version 2.0, available right now free of charge at

This new e-mail system completely does away with the most common but still porous approach: filtering inbound e-mails–an expensive, resource-intensive, cumbersome, and essentially ?knee-jerk? approach to blocking spam. Instead, EnterTo?s new Enterprise-ready ?spam-free? E-mail System Version 2.0 uses a patented form of ?elusive? addressing technology–Public Channels and Private Channels–to make sure that spammers will never be able to deluge your e-mail inbox with unwanted messages.
Simply put, EnterTo?s new Enterprise-ready ?spam-free? E-mail System Version 2.0 works better than all the others because of its pro-active strategy: spammers can?t spam you if they can?t find you.

Grafted onto this impenetrable Channel technology, EnterTo?s state-of-the-art user-selectable challenge/response defenses provide for an extraordinarily simple and convenient conversion from any other e-mail system to EnterTo?s new Enterprise-ready ?spam-free? E-mail System Version 2.0.

Open The Door To Change
If you think of EnterTo?s new Enterprise-ready ?spam-free? E-mail System Version 2.0 as an impenetrable door slammed in the faces of spammers everywhere, EnterTo?s powerful challenge/response technology is a way to temporarily leave that door open while you?re first moving in. It allows you to provide an easy means for friends and family to make their first visit – while still blocking spammers who try to sneak in.

As a new user of EnterTo?s new Enterprise-ready ?spam-free? E-mail System Version 2.0, you are safely able to simply turn the challenge/response technology ?off? for the first few days or weeks you?re using the system. This allows everyone to whom you have announced your new e-mail address to establish e-mail communications without the annoyance and message delays inherent in conventional challenge/response protocols.
As you exchange e-mails with these people, EnterTo?s new Enterprise-ready ?spam-free? E-mail System Version 2.0 is capturing the e-mail addresses to which you send messages, assigning each of them to a Private Channel, and methodically logging them into your address book.

When you?re ready, flip the challenge/response technology back ?on?, and you?ve instantly and completely closed the door on spammers. But with an important difference: your regular correspondents have been identified and integrated into your e-mail system. As a result, you?ve avoided the rudeness of forcing them to ?prove themselves? to an automated challenge/response system. You?ve also eliminated the inconvenience and chagrin of finding that your challenge/response system has rejected legitimate messages you wanted to receive from automated sources, such as billing statements, order confirmations, and delivery notices.

No other system is as bullet-proof against spam as EnterTo?s new Enterprise-ready ?spam-free? E-mail System Version 2.0, and it?s also the only one to so thoroughly simplify and ease your conversion to a new e-mail system without compromising the defensive power of the spam-free Channels for which it is becoming so widely known.

Complete Package
Among the desirable features in EnterTo?s new Enterprise-ready ?spam-free? E-mail System Version 2.0 are the following:

  • Fully automatic operation of the system?s anti-spam/anti-junk ?Channels? technology. It can now operate, when desired, without any oversight by the end user whose e-mail inbox(es) and e-mail address(es) it is protecting.
  • Extensive, expensive, and continually updated filtering is no longer necessary.
  • Both Public Channel and Private Channel authentication capabilities can be switched on or off by each user, at any time, allowing the system to learn each user?s legitimate e-mail correspondents without requiring them to respond to an authentication challenge.
  • Powerful anti-virus capabilities built into the system are regularly updated to meet the most current threats.
  • Extensive, expensive, and update-hungry filtering is no longer necessary.
    All-new sorting and organizing capabilities allow an individual to arrange the presentation and categorization of inbound e-mails in whatever ways maximize productivity and suit his or her preferences.

  • Calendar and Address Book capabilities, including synchronization with popular versions of Outlook, are continuously available .
  • User selectable levels of PGP encryption, from fast and easy 512-bit encoding through heavy-duty 1024-bit encryption, extend all the way up to 4096-bit ?military-grade? encryption that?s truly bullet proof.
  • Users can select from four different interfaces, and can change from one to another at any time.
  • Built with a multi-lingual template, EnterTo?s new Enterprise-ready ?spam-free? E-mail System Version 2.0 is readily deployable for multi-national usage.
  • The system can be deployed to protect any organization?s e-mail system from unwanted spam or junk e-mails without requiring changes to the existing e-mail system or any user retraining.
  • Web-mail and client-server capabilities allow users to retrieve their e-mail from Version 2.0?s faster, more reliable servers with equal facility, whether using their own computer or any Internet-connected system.
  • EnterTo?s new Enterprise-ready ?spam-free? E-mail System Version 2.0 can be used by an individual as an ad-supported version at no cost, or as a ?Premium? ad-free version for $19.99 per year. Licenses for organizational use are competitively priced.

    How It Works
    EnterTo?s new Enterprise-ready ?spam-free? E-mail System Version 2.0 works to block spam from your inbox by use of ?Public Channels? and ?Private Channels.? Each Channel is built on one of an unlimited number of unique e-mail addresses created and managed for you by the system, without any effort on your part.

    Whenever you want to post an e-mail address, sign up on the web, or provide an open and public way for people to e-mail you, simply ask EnterTo?s new Enterprise-ready ?spam-free? E-mail System Version 2.0 for a new Public Channel. Then distribute that e-mail address freely, with confidence. Any e-mail sent to that address can be challenged and authenticated (if you set the system to do so), or simply passed through to your e-mail inbox.

    Whenever you respond to an e-mail or send an e-mail to a person, EnterTo?s new Enterprise-ready ?spam-free? E-mail System Version 2.0 automatically generates and uses a new Private Channel for you. You don?t have to do anything. Again, inbound e-mail to that address can be challenged and authenticated, if you want it to be, or simply accepted.

    Whenever a piece of unwanted e-mail arrives in your inbox, you can press one button to permanently eliminate whatever Channel the spammer used to intrude on your privacy. That address no longer exists, and they can?t spam you again because they can?t find you. The system takes care of generating and managing these channels, which can also be used to help sort your inbound e-mail to make you more efficient.

    About EnterTo
    EnterTo is a privately-held two year old company that for nearly a year has been actively testing in prototype form a totally new, patent-pending technology for defeating spam and junk e-mail. Its Version 2.0 e-mail system incorporates the most advanced and automated capabilities for spam and junk e-mail defense, and can be deployed to protect any existing e-mail system without replacing or disrupting the existing system. EnterTo is head-quartered in San Rafael, California, with satellite facilities around the world.

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