September 19, 2007—The National High School Center, a clearinghouse ofhigh-school information based in Washington, D.C., has released fournew resources on how to support and guide a smooth transition into highschool. A policy brief called "State and District-Level Support forSuccessful Transitions into High School" examines how some states anddistricts are currently helping to ease this transition for students,and an issue brief called "Toward Ensuring a Smooth Transition IntoHigh School" offers best practices based on key research findings. Thecenter also provides a snapshot of how one school is managing to make apositive difference for ninth graders, as well as a "quick stats" factsheet on the "ninth-grade bulge," wherein a disproportionate number ofninth graders are held back–many of whom drop out by the tenth grade."Ninth grade is a critical make-it-or-break-it year for many students,and we wanted to highlight some of the best practices that are backedby research, as well as examples of what states and districts are doingnow to ensure that entering high school students are well-supported,"said Joseph R. Harris, the center’s director.

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