Funds for Learning issues new guidance for eRate applicants

This fall marks the 10th anniversary of the firstapplication cycle for the eRate, which provides $2.25 billion intelecommunications discounts each year to eligible schools andlibraries. Thanks largely to this monumental federal program, thepercentage of public school classrooms with internet access jumped from14 percent in 1996 to 95 percent a decade later. To honor the program’s10th anniversary, eRate consulting firm Funds for Learning haspublished a white paper titled "eRate Review: 10 Years and Counting."Covering such topics as its benefits, requirements, regulations,audits, and a glimpse of the program’s future, the white paper servesas both a primer for the uninitiated and a testimony to the eRate’simpact on stakeholders. Funds for Learning also has released a newversion of its "eRate Manager for Applicants," a suite of online toolsintended to help schools navigate the complex and ever-changing natureof the eRate process and ensure that they receive their fair share ofdiscounts. The white paper is free; the eRate Manager for Applicants isavailable for an annual subscription based on student population, andprices start at $199 per year for up to 9,999 students.

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