School leaders who want to see how their schools’ safety plans comparewith a national average can take a short online survey using CDW-G’s”School Safety Index Self-Assessment Tool,” a new feature thataccompanies the firm’s School Safety Index, which it initiallypublished in June. This newest tool rates schools and districtsaccording to 10 safety strengths and four weaknesses. Cyber andphysical security strengths include data monitoring, userauthentication, building access, and communication with localauthorities; weaknesses include IT and physical breaches or barriers.”We want the index to spark discussion in the community and encourageeveryone–students, parents, and educators–to play an active role instrengthening the safety and security of our schools,” said Bob Kirby,senior director of K-12 education for CDW-G. One key element thatdistricts should look for when evaluating their cyber and physicalsafety plans is whether these plans take a multi-layered approach tosecurity, Kirby said. “You don’t want to rely too much on one toolbecause that’s the easiest way for people to get around it,” he said.

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