Teachers across the country who want to connect with their students,fellow teachers, and parents online can use Tripod for Teachers, a website hosting service from Lycos Inc. that provides classroom templatesand easy-to-use site building tools. Educators can use their Tripod websites to post homework assignments, provide links to online resources, host class photo albums and videos, and blog with parents and others in a secure, online environment. If you’re just starting out and don’t mind ads on your web page, Tripod’s free service offers a basic introduction to site building. If you want to build your site on your own terms, without banner ads or other restrictions, you can choose a fee-based service from Tripod instead. "Education is the fifth-most popular topic with our millions of Tripod members, and we are thrilled that more and more teachers are turning to Tripod to access oureasy-to-use site building tools to aid them in their classrooms," said Don Kosak, chief technology officer for Lycos.


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