The Amgen Award for ScienceTeaching Excellence (AASTE) is an annual awards program that recognizesextraordinary contributions by K-12 educators across the United States and Canada who are elevating the levelof science literacy through creativity in the classroom and motivation ofstudents. An independent panel of judges selects the winners based on thefollowing criteria: creativity of teaching methods; effectiveness in theclassroom; plans for the use of grant money to improve science educationresources in their schools; submission of a science lesson plan showcasinginnovative methods in the classroom; and a plan for dissemination/sharing thelesson plan with other teachers. Thirty-two science teachers will be awarded anunrestricted cash grant of $5,000, and their schools will receive a restrictedgrant of $5,000 to be used to expand or enhance the school’s science program,purchase new science resources, or further the professional development oftheir science teachers.

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