Albuquerque, NM – November 12, 2007 Access Innovations, Inc. (Access), a leader in the data management industry, has furnished its Data Harmony MAIstro software package to aid in the American Economic Association’s (AEA) indexing of EconLit.

AEA’s electronic bibliography, EconLit, indexes over thirty years of worldwide economics literature. Compiled and abstracted in searchable format, EconLit is a comprehensive index of journal articles, books, book reviews, collective volume articles, working papers and dissertations. Documents are classified using a hierarchical, alphanumeric classification system, JEL Codes.

MAIstro software combines the functionality of M.A.I. (Machine Aided Indexer) and Thesaurus Master(TM) to simplify the creation and management of controlled vocabularies and their use for categorization. M.A.I. is a natural language processing tool using a rule-based expert system for interactive assignment of indexing terms to individual documents. For indexing requiring 100% accuracy editors are assisted in selecting indexing terms, but retain control of the final selections. For large volumes of data, M.A.I. also can be used for auto-categorization. Thesaurus Master is used for the creation and maintenance of a taxonomy or development of a full standards-compliant thesaurus.

AEA evaluated both statistics-based systems and the Data Harmony rule-based system, and selected MAIstro as more appropriate for EconLit indexing. Access provided training, at the conclusion of which AEA built its own rulebase. The system will improve consistency, help train Ph.D. students currently used as classifiers and speed up production. Currently, AEA is evaluating the web version of MAIstro for economists to use in selecting classifications for their own articles before submitting them to journals and conferences.

Drucilla Ekwurzel, AEA Director of Publication Services, described the software selection process: "We chose to test Access Innovations’ DataHarmony software for machine-aided indexing of journal articles and books after seeing demonstrations at NFAIS and ASIDIC meetings on search engines. We already were familiar with Access Innovations’ excellent reputation for thesaurus building and data conversion."

Margie Hlava, Access president, responded, "It is a joy to work with the EconLit folks. They quickly grasped how the rule bases and thesaurus can work with their code system, and created a notation module for EconLit. It is an exciting and productive application which allows more flexibility in their production process."

About Access Innovations

Access has supported document management and database construction in Information Management for 29 years. Our proprietary Data Harmony software suite provides unparalleled support for the implementation and accuracy of search engines. Employing a wide range of software tools, Access offers database solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of the private and government sectors. Independently owned, Access constantly strives for perfection and increased accuracy in a world of information disseminated across multiple media. Cognizant of the time constraints faced by searchers of this evolving information influx, Data Harmony’s software suite filters out the noise of unwanted search engine selections.

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