Torrance, CA – November 19, 2007 BrainWare Safari might look like a computer game but it offers some serious brain training. Now, thanks to a distribution agreement with Knowledge Adventure, this award-winning product from Learning Enhancement Corporation will be brought to students in the K-12 Education Market. The deal unites a revolutionary software program with Knowledge Adventure’s sales clout in K-12 in a powerful partnership.

BrainWare Safari, developed by Learning Enhancement Corporation, invites children to travel with a cast of jungle characters on a “learning safari” which builds cognitive abilities under the guise of an entertaining video game. The 41 cognitive skills cultivated by BrainWare Safari include the major areas of visual processing, auditory processing, memory, attention, sensory integration and thinking. Each of the program’s 20 exercises targets multiple cognitive skills simultaneously, enabling students to use their strengths to build their weaknesses and reinforcing the mental connections that make learning faster and more efficient.

For over 20 years, Knowledge Adventure has brought quality educational software to students of all ages. BrainWare Safari is a much anticipated addition to Knowledge Adventure’s current collection of educational software which includes the award-winning brands JumpStart, Math Blaster, and Reading Blaster. According to Dan Cavalli, VP School Division of Knowledge Adventure, “This is a natural partnership that allows us to offer a valuable and effective new product to complement our existing product lines.” Roger Stark, Learning Enhancement Corporation CEO, adds, “We are confident that our partnership with Knowledge Adventure will help BrainWare Safari reach students who will experience lifelong benefits from improved cognitive abilities.”

About Knowledge Adventure

Knowledge Adventure is a pioneer in educational children’s software and has set the standard in developing, publishing and distributing the finest products for use in the home and the classroom for over 20 years. Knowledge Adventure’s products, including the internationally recognized JumpStart, Math Blaster, and Reading Blaster are trusted by teachers and parents alike. A subsidiary of Knowledge Holdings, Inc., the company is based in California.

About Learning Enhancement Corporation

Learning Enhancement Corporation (LEC) develops neuroscience-based cognitive skill development programs designed to measurably improve learning skills. BrainWare Safari, LEC’s first product, is aligned with the corporation’s commitment to helping each individual become the strongest learner he or she can be through tools that combine sound science and engaging video-game technology. The corporation is based in Illinois.

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