Atlanta, Georgia – November 2007. Mark Kaltman, president of Kaltman Creations LLC, has announced today the expansion of their line of RF Spectrum Analyzers. The expansion includes the addition of a new 2.4GHz RF Spectrum Analyzer software package and a 2.4GHz, 11 channel signal generator. Called the AirSleuth Pro and AirHorn (respectively), these products are designed for IT managers or MIS personnel that need to install, test, troubleshoot, analyze, and optimize wireless networks. Kaltman Creations claims that these products will take the mystery out of the RF side of Wi-Fi and WLAN.

Kaltman States, “Network managers often rely on “blind faith” when it comes to the set-up and performance of their wireless networks. The AirSleuth Pro and AirHorn are affordable solutions which take the mystery and guesswork out of the equation.”

The AirSleuth Pro allows the user to view Wi-Fi channels 1 through 11 individually or simultaneously with Peak, Average, and Raw trace modes. There are 10 powerful diagnostic modes including Traces, Spectrogram, Channel Time Course, Differential Channels, and Pie Charting. AirSleuth Pro also includes a real-time calculation of “Best Wi-Fi Channel” – i.e. the channel with the least interference. There is even a logging and playback recorder for extended monitoring.

Working independently or in conjunction with AirSleuth Pro is a new and innovative product called AirHorn. AirHorn is a stable & accurate 2.4GHz ISM band signal generator that can be selectively set to generate RF signals for any number of the 11 Wi-Fi channels. It has 3 transmission modes of Single Channel, Traverse all Channels, and Peak. AirHorn can be used to assist in antenna placement, RF shield effectiveness, wireless network stress testing, etc.

Kaltman continues, “Imagine being able to identify Wi-Fi RF dead spots or sources of interference. Or imagine being able to speed throughput, or being able to determine the ideal placement locations for remote antennas. Before the AirSleuth and AirHorn, the only way to obtain this kind of data and functionality required investments in expensive RF Spectrum Analyzers or the hiring of RF engineers.”

The AirSleuth Pro is sold as a software based (CD provided) application which includes a antenna, user’s guide and a frequently asked questions document. USB or PCMCIA versions are available for the same retail price of $395. AirHorn is also sold as a software based (CD provided) application at a retail price of $135. Kaltman Creations has also bundled the two together for a combined discount price of $499.

To facilitate the expansion of their RF product line, Kaltman Creations has also expanded their website presence to include detailed specification and product information. For more information, please visit their web site at

Kaltman Creations LLC is dedicated to the design & development of new and unique products for the wireless, professional audio, IT & broadcast industries. With the introduction of the world’s first handheld motorized cable coiler; a unique new cable tie product; and low-cost RF spectrum analyzers, Kaltman Creations is setting the pace for innovative and highly unique product offerings. For additional information, contact Ray Esparolini at 678-714-2000 or visit:

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