Orem, UT – November 26, 2007Agilix Labs, Inc., a worldwide leader in e-learning solutions, today released Blackboard Backpack version 3.1 to its partner Blackboard Inc. This enhanced version of the Agilix and Blackboard-developed distributed learning application synchronizes with the Blackboard Academic Suite and provides support for the 2004 Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) version. SCORM represents a collection of standards adapted from multiple sources for the interoperability, accessibility and reusability of digital learning materials. In addition, Blackboard Backpack 3.1 enables educational institutions, military organizations and students to access and interact with SCORM content offline.

"In an increasingly-connected world, it’s important not to lose sight of learners and institutions that can’t remain online 100 percent of the time," said Curt Allen, president and CEO of Agilix. "Both the Blackboard Backpack and GoCourse solutions support mobilized learners who often require access in remote locations, harsh conditions or with limited connectivity options. We’re committed to delivering content to all of our customers – from learners in the military to high school students around the world – in an accessible format when and where they need it."

Although Blackboard Academic Suite has supported SCORM content in the past, Blackboard Backpack version 3.1 is one of the first distributed learning solutions to incorporate a SCORM player that enables offline access. The solution is ideal for institutions with reduced bandwidth and limited network connectivity that need content access in remote locations, such as military personnel when on field operations. Additional Blackboard Backpack version 3.1 benefits include:

– Viewing SCORM content downloaded from a Blackboard Academic Suite server when disconnected from the server

– Automatically uploading grades from the SCORM content to the Blackboard server gradebook

– Reducing network bandwidth requirements, network contention, and network latency over existing networks

"We have anxiously awaited this product for some time," said Michael Miller, CIO for the National Defense University. "The new version of Blackboard Backpack will allow our military students to continue their education process even when they are traveling, mobile or in field operations. This will be a great productivity tool to enable continued learning no matter where they are deployed."


Blackboard Backpack 3.1 is marketed and sold directly by Blackboard Inc. The application runs on all Windows XP (with SP2) and Windows Vista computers, and is available for 30-day trial download immediately at http://backpack.blackboard.com. To take advantage of the SCORM support, users will need to install the latest Blackboard Learning System update that supports Blackboard 3.1. Individual students or educational institutions can purchase the product by contacting Blackboard at http://www.blackboard.com.

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Agilix Labs, Inc. is driving the next generation of e-learning with innovative software solutions. Its flagship GoCourse learning platform is designed to radically transform instructional management and the learning experience. Based on the principle that traditional learning models do not effectively address the requirements and interests of today’s students globally, Agilix products enable delivery of rich interactive learning content through online and offline access. Agilix also leverages the power of social networking for learning with its user-geneRated, collaborative learning environment, BrainHoney. Through partnerships with some of the industry’s most progressive technology leaders, including Microsoft, Intel, Blackboard, Epic Learning and FranklinCovey, Agilix delivers its software applications to users in more than 110 countries worldwide. Founded in 2001, Agilix is based in Orem, Utah. For more information about Agilix, please visit www.agilix.com.

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