New York, NYNovember 26, 2007 Education-market specialists Focus Marketing, Inc., and Interactive Educational Systems Design (IESD), Inc., introduce a new joint venture, EDRoom. It’s a web-enabled meeting center where providers of educational products and services can meet with a group of decision-makers who match their criteria to discuss important issues and get valuable input and feedback.

Unveiled today at the Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA) Ed Tech Business Forum, EDRoom features easy-to-use interactive technology and fills communications gaps that arise with focus groups, conference exhibits and face-to-face events. Suppliers get the insight they need and interact with the specific people they need to talk to without scheduling headaches and travel expenses.

“This is different from any other research offering we’ve seen or used, online or traditional. In addition to the convenience factors, test-drives with clients and educators have validated the potential for EDRoom online discussions to bring deeper levels of understanding between suppliers and the audiences they serve,” said Ellen Bialo, President of IESD.

The way the format works is that suppliers lease an EDRoom online conference room. There, they can interact 24/7 across several days with carefully selected groups of decision makers or influencers (e.g., administrators, teachers, government officials, policy makers) for a deep discussion and open exchange of ideas on any topic. Each participant has the time to consider the comments and responses of other participants, without interruption, and to contribute fully at times and places of his or her convenience.

“EDRoom is a very useful service that could be of great value to school administrators and other educators. We have to stay on top of new developments that affect our schools and departments, and finding the time for meaningful interaction with suppliers and our peers is increasingly difficult. Trying to coordinate calendars for meetings and communicating effectively is always a challenge. EDRoom addressed many of these issues seamlessly and also proved easy to use,” said Dan Conley, Teacher Quality Specialist, Maine State Department of Education.

“EDRoom provides an organized level of engagement around a focused topic, leading to deeper levels of sharing than typical face-to-face focus group formats. It provided a unique opportunity for us to receive input from users across the country without being tied to a national conference or paying for people to travel to a common location,” said Steve Nordmark, Director of Product Development, Thinkronize, Inc.

Tom Agler, Product and Content Manager, Thinkronize, Inc., agreed, adding that “EDRoom brings a real Web 2.0 collaboration to the process. Participants are free to explore and interact at levels that cannot be achieved in other formats. The subsequent results have a depth and richness to them that wiki-models often produce.”

Each EDRoom package includes a facilitator, a skilled moderator with education-market experience, a detailed discussion guide, a transcript of the discussions, and an executive summary of key take-aways. Clients can opt for highly targeted recruitment services and a range of expert back-end analysis. EDRoom conference center rooms can be reserved for individual or multiple sessions.

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