Turko, FinlandNovember 22, 2007 Updated SANAKO Study 500/1200 learning software solutions can now be used with an affordable, flexible licensing system that ensures that schools have exactly the resources they need for IT-based teaching. This flexible licensing system helps schools make the most of their IT infrastructure while avoiding expensive over-licensing.

The new Study software also offers easier and more efficient IT-based teaching, while the latest add-on Modules help teachers ensure that students are on top of their subject matter, and allow students to learn more effectively by continuing their drills outside of the classroom.

Flexible New Licensing System

SANAKO’s dynamic licensing method makes use of a flexible pool of common licenses, in which licenses are no longer tied to a certain tutor application. This allows a license user to reserve the learning application from the license pool only for the time application is being used. Once the user is finished with the application, the license will be returned to license pool to be for use by someone else.

This ingenious system allows Study licenses to be used more flexibly throughout the school – Sanako’s interactive learning software can then be used in any IT suite within the school, and no longer has to be reserved to specific locations. Schools can then make maximum use of all IT classrooms for interactive, cross-curricular teaching, thus maximizing their return on investment in progressive teaching methods. The system also allows schools to easily expand licenses as their needs grow.

New SANAKO Study Modules Add Punch to Learning Routines

SANAKO introduces the SANAKO Study Lite Recorder Module and SANAKO Study Poll Query, with the latter available for use with SANAKO Study 500 and 1200. The Study Lite Recorder Module is a stand-alone application that can also be used independently by students.

Study Lite Recorder Module is a two-track student recorder with specialized language learning features that supports independent student learning both on- and off-campus. The module provides learning continuity by supporting learning at home, and offers students more learning flexibility when installed across the school in open-access learning areas.

Study Poll Query Module allows teachers to run on-the-spot queries to determine student engagement. Students may also use the feedback feature to let teachers know if they are following the lesson or if they are having difficulty. This unique module provides teachers with a quick snapshot of student understanding of a given subject, allowing them to immediately correct mistakes and misconceptions. It helps support effective instruction and ultimately improves learning outcomes.

More information at www.sanako.com

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